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removing the resonator

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    Originally posted by Jarrett
    I'm sure your's sounded just fantastic, but everyone that isn't deaf will think it sounds like crap.
    lol yea dont take the off the exhaust resonator i did it it sounded just like a weed eater


      resonators get rid of higher frequency noises, so removing any type of resonator means more higher frequency noises, like those associated with open exhaust hondas and dirt bikes


        Originally posted by wlfpck
        my question..... does taking out the resonator really help that much... and second.... he said he can feel it. Is this true?
        Everyone is right in the thread...

        Dont remove the resonator? why? you're not going to gain any HP..okay...1.5 HP? lol!

        The only thing you'll gain is noise.

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          Originally posted by chicago
          if your talkin about the exhaust no it will not sound like shit my exhaust was THE deepest sounding exhaust in my city and every one said they oved it. and mine is cut off.
          Your kidding me right.....As mentioned they DO sound like weed whackers unless you like that sound. I sure as hell dont.

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            this should be in the n00b forum
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