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verification on h23 camshafts?

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    verification on h23 camshafts?

    just recived my h23 camshafts off ebay for 21 bucks.

    just to veroify, but are they supposed to say PT2? one says IN and one says EXT for intake and exhaust so thats cool.

    it also has some minor surface rust on the tip of the lobes, would that affect anything during a regrind?

    thanks guys
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    i'm pretty sure my f22b dohc head says pt2 somewhere, and its teh same with the h23 head.That surface rust would probably be cleared off with wd40.

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    Originally posted by DarkShadow707
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      If you're droppin in those cams you can sand them down with a very light grit sand-paper and clean the shit out of them with brake parts cleaner.. They'll look like new!
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        that's strange the h23 head i have out side says p14. but for whatever reason pt2 sound right also. If the cams look similar to the f22 with exception to having 8 lobes per stick it should be the h23 cause if i'm not mistaking the h22 cams are a bit different.

        as for the clean thing i'd use the paint striper that ummm... dutchaccord used. It works wonder for taking off old oil. Then use brake cleaner to get it non rusty. Once it's done either use oil (if your gonna fire it up right away) or use assembly lube when you put it in. THat would suck to get it all in their and scratch up your preatty new cams.
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          pt2 for jdm f22b, so i guess those would be fine... but for some reason pt2 makes me think of a f20a dohc ecu...



            are there any CS for my stock engine?

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