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i cant decide,help

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    i cant decide,help

    so i didn't realize just how much $$ i am gitting back from my tax returns (wife does the taxes) so i will be able to put $2,400 into my CB7.the car is stock ,so now is the hard part,i want to make it a real nice looking car ,bodykit,new paint,rims basicly make it a nice show car but then with the $ id have left over i am limited to the performance items i can do,exaust,header,cai and thats other option is this,i can go turbo,still get rims or a new paint job ,custom exaust,front lip and some other additional items,now if i go this way given it will be pretty fast but i have never owned a turboed car before ,if i went this way would it cost me alot in maintaince and replacing of broken point is after the $2,400 is all used up thats it for awhile,i will not have any more $ to put into the car.anyones input into this would be appreciated.


    maintenace to a turbo car is just like any other.. it all depends on how u drive it... u rape it left and right ur gonna have to replace things sooner...

    a dsm setup wont cost u much.. infact.. u could probably get away with rebuilding a 14b/t25 and start off as if it had 0 miles.. as long as u dont beat it.. it will be fine.. then again.. Accord R33 has been beating his shit for almost a year.. and its still running strong..

    DSM Turbo Setup-600-1000 depending on parts/quality
    id say do that.. be fast and look good at the same time.. bolt ons wont get u anywhere quick..

    Praise The Lowered...


      basic bolt ons won't get you the "oh shit" power. But if you only want show, and not much go then bolt ons is all you need. I heard this quote on another forum, "Looks get you opinions, Power gets you respect". Mostly true.



        thanks guys for your responses,i am still kinda undecided,guess ill waite till the money is in my hands to decide..lolol

        thanks for the help


          Invest the money. At least put it in savings.
          Spend a year on here doing research.
          Then, do what you want, and you'll have a couple hundred more than you started with, and you won't waste your money on stupid shit like everyone else does when they don't know anything about modifying their cars.


            actually i know alot ,atleast i think so,i have done my reasearch on turbocharging thats why i want to do this....thanks for the vote of confidence