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Turbo Mpg Thread

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    Turbo Mpg Thread

    With the High gas prices lets make a thread stating the mpg u get on ur turbo setup, and post ways of makeing it better on gas, for example staying of out boost.

    Type of set-up: (turbo), (engine management)

    How it was tuned: (very rich or lean?)


    Mpg in boost most the time:
    Mpg out-of boost:

    feel free to add other elements!!


    Great achievements result from great effort

    I no longer drive my cb7 now, But I'll tell you what I did/had to keep good gas mileage.

    a/f are key, mine where from 14.3-15.1 in vac, and throughout 0-3psi a/fs where about 13.5-14:1. This helps so when you press the throttle to get a little more speed, you don't dip into 12:1 a/fs or anything.

    F22B with 14B
    Very lean in vac
    Rich under boost(11.5-12.3:1 a/fs)

    I never calculated mpg, but I'll say if I didn't punch it so much(stay outta boost, which isn't that hard if you dont have a lead foot), I'd get next or better then the stock cb7 mpgs.