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THEORY: The Ultimate Intercooler!!

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    have you not read all those threads of people having this "crazy idea" of having an ic on an NA car, lol. thats why i said not even god knows why anyone would do that, lol. but yea, srry, i thought u were saying that ic dont do anything, my bad. But yea, i agree that its worthless, what this whole thread is about.


    CrzyTuning now offering port services


      Oh Shit. This Thread was supposed to be a Joke!!
      To give everyone a good laugh as to some of the weird things I can come up with. There's No need to argue with each other
      It's just that I seen it hooked up to a 1984 Holden Commodore. This Hill-Billy Brother Fucker Done a Hybrid Swap from a Fuel Injected 3.3L 6 Cylinder to a 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel.
      This same bloke used to sit on tressels in his dining room in the middle of winter, because "The heat from the Fire rises and it's warmer up there" and he dug holes in the backyard in summer cause it's cooler sleeping in the dirt.

      But shit I've leant a bit too!!


        Originally posted by repherence1

        oh my gosh! New South Wales, Australia...! I went to Sydney last February and i enjoyed it a lot. went walking all over Sydney and got to see some awesome cars --a lot of boosted cars too. i had fun there, some guy showed me his Holden Commodore--full leather, DVD, screens in the headreasts, $70,000 Australian dollars... for an American car... hmmm. it was awsome to see Skylines, EVOs, WRXs, Commodores, and "Utes" (i thought those were cool). Beautiful place. ...being that i'm from Hawaii and that was my first experience in a big city with trains and ferries.
        Yeah! We've also got the Sexiest Girls on the Planet or should I say in the Universe!!
        Jennifer Hawkins!! She is also from Newcastle, actually she lives about 10 miles away and she is my best mates cousin.She is So Yummo!!
        She is one of the most natural 'down to universe' girls you could meet.
        Oh yeah, and we got the Best of Everything like;
        The Best Beaches - Newy, Bondi, Gold Coast, Cronulla (If you like fighting)
        The Best Wineries - The Hunter Region, South Australia.
        The Biggest Rock - Ayers Rock.
        The Biggest Man Eaters - The Salt Water Crocodile, Great White Pointer Shark
        The Most Poisonous Sea Creature - The Box Jellyfish.
        The Most Poisonous Spider - The Funnel Web
        The Funniest Looking Opera House.
        The Most Famous Coat hanger - The Sydney Harbour Bridge
        The Biggest New Years Eve Fireworks.
        The Best CB7 Owners!!!
        The Best Cricketers - The All Conquering Aussie Test & One Day Cricket Team.
        The Best Female Surfers - Layne Beachley, and that other Aussie Sheila that just won.
        The Best Swimmers - Thorpey, Hackett, Lenton, Jones etc, etc
        The Best Poker Players - Joe Hashem
        The Best Rugby League Players - Andrew Johns & The Newcastle Knights.
        The Best Actors - Russell Crowe, Nicky Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger.
        The Best Boxers - Kostya Tszyu, Jeff Fenech, Chad Bennett
        The Best Netballers - Big Tall Ugly Shiela's
        The Best Hockey Players - The Hockeyroos.
        The Funniest Comedian - Rodney 'Fuckin' Rude. :bouncy

        Can you Seppo's top that.