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t3/t4 turbo ?'s

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    t3/t4 turbo ?'s

    are there any cars the come with the t3/t4 turbo stock?

    95% sure none did



      the buick grand national came with a T3/T4 from the factory. The GNX model came with one also, but with a ceramic turbine wheel and different compressor.
      12.5 at 114.6mph 15psi
      11.7 and 11.5 20.5psi
      60-1 td06h turbo
      Darton mid sleeves
      85.5 wiseco 8.8:1 forged pistons
      Crower pro billet rods
      Custom ported head.
      KMS valves
      F23 headgasket
      ARP H23 headstuds
      H23 upper intake manifold
      F22a6 lower intake manifold
      Intake manifold is gutted
      AEM EMS 1040u
      FIC 850cc injectors
      Walbro 255 pump
      H23 manual trans
      Prelude shifter assembly
      Forbidden short throw
      Nitrous Express Kit installed, never used on this motor