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Map Sensor

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    Map Sensor

    What map sensor are you guys running? Cuz im getting a check engine light for the map sensor. im thinking about getting a map sensor for a 02 chevy venture. will this work? what kind could/can you for this? or will a map sensor check valve work instead. Im running turbo so i need this.

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    The 2 or 3 bar will do fine and you don't even need the 3 bar unless you're doing some SERIOUS boosting.

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      well thank you^^^
      see heres the problem i can idle all day. i can drive under 3500rpm and nothing will happen. but as soon as i hit over 3500 is starts to break up, go away and then do it again. we checked the code and its code 5 -map sensor. so thats why i was thinking about getting a GM map sensor(3 bar) or a map sensor check valve. or is the map sensor just bad?

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