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'07 Year of the turbo

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    '07 Year of the turbo

    thought I'd start a thread looks like '07 is gonna be a BIG year for turbo builds. post up specs, pics, and goals for your build. This requires no you should do this or any opinions, just what your working on. I'll start it off

    Golden Eagle HD sleeves
    JE 9:1 slugs
    Eagle rods
    Kaizen balance shaft elim.
    ACL race bearings
    ARP head & main studs

    Ferra valves
    JG springs & retainers
    Skunk cam gears
    Skunk intake
    AEM rail & fpr
    1000cc injectors
    custom top mount
    Precision SC6152sp
    Liquid to air intercooling
    Hondata S300

    500+ HP on the pump gas

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    Out in the driveway building something

    For that high of power on 'pump' gas, you should look into an water/meth injection kit.

    CrzyTuning now offering port services


      On top of my old setup, I will now have:

      Darton sleeved h22a block
      Crower Rods
      Custom Wiseco pistons
      ARP everything
      Calico coated ACL bearings
      K/S balance shaft eliminator kit
      Worked over h23a1 head
      Supertech +1mm valves
      Crower Valvetrain
      Currently Delta 260's, maybe something else later

      Still want, but don't have:

      Larger intercooler, still behind oem bumper
      750cc or so injectors
      Larger, ball bearing turbo
      Maybe AEM engine managment, but not sure yet.

      I truly just want a reliable 350whp, maybe 450 on race gas at the track. I'm not huge on montrous power numbers, just a very fun, semi daily driver.

      Turbo H23a3 build has begun


        Forgot my pics

        Turbo H23a3 build has begun


          Originally posted by bjaccord
          Forgot my pics

          nice turbo engine built question wut spark plugs are u gonna use?
          contact info

          (562) 324-3639 chan mao


            Built h23 with crower rods, mahle pistons, arp main bearings, main studs, head studs, and stock head for now. I want to get killer non vtec cams!
            99 GS300 (Aristo) 2JZ Power

            Bought from:gdout, bb6-sh


              JDM F22B
              t3/t4 57 trim
              ramhorn style mani
              2.5" DP 3" exhaust
              Delta 272s
              Cam Gears(brand still undecided)
              10psi hoping for around 300whp stock block



                Originally posted by 92ex
                JDM F22B
                t3/t4 57 trim
                ramhorn style mani
                2.5" DP 3" exhaust
                Delta 272s
                Cam Gears(brand still undecided)
                10psi hoping for around 300whp stock block
                Should be able to do that no problem, I have heard that the 272's like to be revved fairly high when under boost to make good power, but I'm very interested to see your dyno chart as I start looking into wilder cams.

                P.S. Need to change your sig, it's been like two years now hasn't it?
                Turbo H23a3 build has begun


                  I might be talkign out my A$$, but just watch your rpms...unless you have some forged rods.
                  Piston speeds and rod angle arn't great on the f22. At 7000rpm it's got piston speeds the same as a B16 does at 8500rpm.

                  On a stock setup, i'm not going a hair over 6800rpm, while i'll try and keep it to 6300-6500.

                  If at all possible, perhaps run the 260 cam.

                  Like i said earlier though, this is only for stock engines...for anything semi built, go nuts.


                  Oh, and even with 260's and the same mods, you'll be pretty close to that goal...especially on the DOHC head.


                    Speed is not what really matters, its how much timing is being run.

                    Which in the first place, not much should be advanced anyways. Honda's dont need much timing to make power.

                    CrzyTuning now offering port services


                      I'm going to try and take my h23 to 8k rpms with maybe some delta 282's, but, I still just need to get the motor in my car and broken in first. I am going to run the 260's through the summer and go for my 350whp, and maybe next winter re-vamp my turbo setup and go with the wilder cams, we'll see what happens.
                      Turbo H23a3 build has begun



                        ported and polished hopefully by me (already done by JG, gonna make it better)
                        Bisimoto valves
                        Bisimoto springs
                        Bisimoto titanium retainers

                        ARP studs
                        some different rods and pistons
                        bored over? :o
                        i think ill keep it open deck
                        lightened crank, knife edged?

                        DSM injectors
                        extrude honed h23 manifold
                        bored h23 and port matched

                        debating whether to go t3/t4 hybrid or stick with a smaller turbo since im only going 8psi

                        tuned at 8psi, going to be for track-use
                        ive seen a lot of setups dyno about 250whp, im shooting for 260-275
                        I <3 G60.

                        0.5mm Oversized Stainless valves and bronze guides available. Pm me please.




                            Originally posted by vi.descending

                            FUCKING BASTARD, STOP TORMENTING ME........

                            oh when will i ever start my build, i might as well sleep w/all my parts, maybe i'll start w/my turbo....
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