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turbo manifold?

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    turbo manifold?

    sup turbo peeps. well starting a turbo build and im new to this so bare with me. well i know im going big turbo so i need to know what turbo manifold you guys are running and what brands are etc.etc. im going t3. t4 for sure so lmk guys i appreciate it

    I-SR 6

    what enigne do you have. H22, h23, f22a, f22b......


      o mai bad i have f22a1 all stock right now

      I-SR 6


        the f22a and h23 shear the same bolt & port pattern. you can try these. or go custom.


          i have a f22/h23 ramhorn style turbo manifold im selling that has been powdercoated to reduce intake temps. Let me know if your interested



            thanks bro . and ill let u know

            I-SR 6


              i would suggest a south florida performance manifold. ive been running one for 4 years now with no problem. they make it for the f22 and they have a lifetime warrenty against craking!

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                I recommend the Rev Hard tubular Manifold. It is a good product and it will be much easier to get parts such as intercooler piping for your kit opposed to many other manufacturers. Camp1320 sells the Rev Hard products at excellent prices . They sell individual turbo parts as well opposed to the entire kit. I will provide several links below. I purchased a custom manifold from Cody at LoveFab. Custom manifolds seem to always take months to receive. Camp1320 also offers some of the best prices for turbos (Turbonetics, Garrett, and Precision).

                Rev Hard Turbo Products

                Camp 1320's Reb Hard Advertisement from Honda-Tech



                You may wish to look into the Precision Turbo T4 SC-61 (SC-6176S capable of 680 hp)!

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