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Exhaust question

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    Exhaust question

    I am wondering as far as tuning goes. If I run an open exhaust meaning no downpipe will that change my setting for street tuning when i do get an exhaust run. It feels less torquey with the turbo so that's the reason for asking and also will running no downpipe be harmful to anything....someone told me that imports with open exhaust will warp heads....thanks

    P.S. I did search and if anyone has a downpipe they want to sell PM me
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    huh? running with "NO Downpipe" ...wouldn't that be harmful pollution coming out? Cuz as far as i know, the downpipe connects with the Catalytic converter, and that converter is needed for the environment. So if nothing connects with the converter, as in no downpipe...then for sure i know that's harmful for the environment.

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      I know people running straight dump with turbo setups. I could careless about the environment its already gone to shit anyway. Anyway tuning might need a slight change when you throw the exhaust on but shouldnt be much depending on diameter of piping you plan to go with. It would be safer to do a retune with the exhaust though so your setup runs at max efficiency.

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        also i have a similar question on the same topic. would it be better to get the whole exhaust bolted up and the car all together, then go get tuning done? or what?
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          well, I have no clue how you would tune without a dp in the first place. Where the hell are you going to put the wideband sensor?

          If all you have is an o2 housing for your turbo, and you tune that way, your afr's will change. I forget which way exacltly, but they will change by up to a whole point.

          Try your hardest to get tuned after the exhaust is done.

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            Thanks for the replies and i will........will it cause any harm to the motor running open exhaust??
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              Open exhaust as in just the mani+turbo or nothing?

              If the turbo is on there, you better open up the wastegate or you could damage the turbo.

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