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nitrous question

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    nitrous question

    Can someone tell me why you would buy the WOT style nitrous system apposed to the one with the button. I thought it was only safe to spray after 3rd gear, and when I race Iam at WOT at all times. Can someone please elaborate(sp) on this for me?
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    No one has a explination?
    Two Toned CB7 crew #1


      when i was using my 75 shot, the nitrous would be on from start to finish, mind you it was an automatic at the time

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        It is better to run N20 off a WOT switch because it is easier to cordinate. If you miss a gear and get off the gas you stop spraying (which is good) but if your hands and feet aren't coridinated well (which sometimes happens in the heat of a race) you could miss the shift, get off the gas, and still be holding the button, which would be very bad.

        N20 is supposed to be sprayed at WOT above 3K rpm (in any gear). You just want to make sure to keep it about 3K rpm.
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          Like Busted's meant to be used at WOT or atleast above 3,000 rpm, espically if it is a wet system. The fuel pressure will not be high enough to supply the appropraite amount of fuel to the nozel.


            plus over all it feels better.
            when i was runing nitrous i had the WOT switch. when test running i also tried it the way u mentioned (u can do this also by not arming the system and just waiting to arm it once you're ready to spray).
            and my times were faster using the WOT switch.
            i mean drag racing wise, by 3rd gear you're just about to finish the 1/4 mile run. so WOT is way better in this situation, as for the highway racing the other way is better because its more of a stretch depending on the distance you're traveling.
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              Thanks for your help guys
              Two Toned CB7 crew #1