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For the most part you all have caught on without this post, but there have been a few habitual offenders that forced me to say this.

Everyone will get a couple of warnings from here on out, after that I just start deleting threads.

Again if you have any questions, PM me or one of the other mods.
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mini nitrous kit

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    mini nitrous kit

    Could this work?

    Originally posted by ludedude89si

    lol. you made my night.

    answer: fuck no!


      seriously . . . did you even bother looking around this forum? god, like LITERALLY 5 POSTS under this one, resides this long detailed thread.

      And if i could swim I'd swim out to you in the ocean
      Swim out to where you were floating in the dark.


        Why could it not work? The cartriges are 16g nitrous for charging whip cream canisters. Why couldn't you use it to make power?


          ahaha, oh it WILL make power, but nuthing you will be able to notice unless u got it hooked up to ur 50cc mini bike
          rollin on em twankiez