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Few questions on nitrous

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    Few questions on nitrous

    Hi, ill purchasing nitrous in the next month, im deciding between the wet or the dry kit(i cant decide) i want to run up to a 75 shot...any way

    I want the kit hidden, how is it possible so when i pop my hood, the nitrous system is un seen? and also ill probably installing the system myselfe and were would i get the bottle filled??

    well im not your expert with nos. I do know there are filling stations you just need to ask or go to the holley website to find NOS stations. Im sure there are places near u that sell nitrous. also i would think you could hide it. put the bottle in your tirewell or something and run the lines hidden. Then when your in the engine bay put that plastic wiring aroun dity v


      depends on what kit u get.

      i know the Zex kit, which i have, can easily be hiden, i just was to lazy to try to hide it

      because its not that many things to run to the motor on the Zex kit.
      its just the module, and a few lines for the nitrous and fuel.

      bottle filled...that depends on ur area, u have to find a place that has nitrous and re-fill bottles.

      i live 2 minutes away from the speed shop that i get my bottle filled at, u might want to look around and find a speedstore that does this
      NEED RAP BEATS.....


        Ok thanx for ur replys, also, is the kit pretty easy to install?? and how would i hide the soleniod the goes on the intake? put on the underside of the intake?


          Zex was, took me 3hours to install it, was simple and to the point.

          and yeap, if your talking about the nozzle (zex doesnt have the solenoids, just a module box) u can run the nozzole right into the underside of the air intake tube, thats how i have mines.
          only what u can tell i have nitrouse is because u can see my Zex module
          NEED RAP BEATS.....


            mine's in my finder well...can't even see my whole system
            h22a with zex- 13.8


              If you get a wet kit, keep in mind that fuel is heavier than nitrous, meaning it still won't accurately distribute an even amount of nitrous and fuel to each cylinder. I use a zex dry kit and it uses vacuum to increase the fuel pressure. It has worked perfectly fine for me for 2 years. Zex kits are also good for beginners to start out with.