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    WTF snapped CRANKSHAFT

    my boy and i completed his H23 swap and went to start it up but it wouldnt fire. We checked the usuall culprits and it still wouldnt fire up. Newayz make a long story short, we dissasembled everything but the head (which was rebuilt) and find that his crank was snapped in two. Background info: we got the motor a while back from a junk yard for like $6. Rebuilt the head with new internals. block and pistons looked OK so we figured we were good to go *wrong* After a week downtime we swapped his f22 back in and aside from my advice to just swap in the rebuilt h23 head he is pretty persistent on rebuilding his block with new parts for the extra 8-10ft-lbs of torque. Im just shocked. ive never seen a crank snapped in two with no damage to the rods and pistons. what could cause this?

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    An old school member named "drzopt" (Before cb7, he was on I think, back in 00-01) Had one break on him while he was going down the road, and it still ran, kind of.

    He had nothing aftermarket on the motor itself (Only upgrade other than the h23 swap was exhaust in his 91 accord), so it wasn't aftermarket crank pulley's, or lightwieght flywheels or anything like that, just random bad luck I guess.

    Your the third case I've heard of, but the other guy had just rebuilt his motor himself and there was alot of variables, so who knows with that one.

    You guys ought to just swap in the f22 crank (There the same) and have a running h23.

    Sorry to hear about the bad luck, but best of luck getting it running. L8r
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      Thats waht the guy at a local shop told me when i was talking to him about the H23, he said that everyone that he had ever had come in was either a spun bearing or a broken crank... I dunno, i think ill just do the head swap if i ever find everything i need for a good price...