Instead of having multiple threads stickied at the top of the Swaps forum, they will be listed in this index. Most of these are in-depth guides to swapping motors and other related topics. Before posting with questions, check through these threads to make sure it hasn't been covered yet. You should also try running a search... if you still are in question, feel free to post up a new thread


2. F22 Removal Guide (with pics) - step by step F22 removal. Follow backwards for reinstall.

3. H22 FAQ - what should I look for when buying an H22?

4. "Where did you get your swap?" - users post their experiences with different engine importers.

5. COMPLETE Swap FAQ - covers absolutely everything you need to know about preparing an H22 to be installed. The same info can be applied to other similar motors. (F22B H23A etc)

6. Possible swaps and engine list - just about every motor that can be swapped into the CB chassis.

7. Auto to Manual transmission swap reference
also see: - The Original Conversion thread
wwwwww - Wiring the Reverse Lights, Key Lock, and Neutral Safety Switch
wwwwww - Tranny mount options: OEM / Prelude / other(ESP)
wwwwwwwwwwww - important thread regarding this Prelude mount conversion method!!!
wwwwww - Tranny mount, weld-in OEM layout details

8. H23 Manual Tensioner conversion - a timing belt tensioner conversion you should look into if youre swapping in an H22.

9. JDM F22B Swap Guide - good write up on what is needed to swap in a JDM F22B DOHC.

10. Measuring proper BELT LENGTH when mixing and matching pullies

11. Internal to External Coil Conversion : using an external (aftermarket) coil in a car originally wired for an internal coil distributor

12. Drilling and Tapping a Prelude (H22/H23) transmission mount - a simple, necessary change to make before using a Prelude or newer-generation Accord transmission in a CB7