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How to sign up as a Premium Member, and why you would want to!

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    How to sign up as a Premium Member, and why you would want to!


    Welcome to the Premium Forum! Please read and understand this entire thread before signing up.
    You must have a minimum of 30 posts to become a Premium Member.

    As a Premium Member, you will have access to a number of exclusive forums, a larger PM box, and some extra abilities. Additionally, you will be the first to know about upcoming CB7tuner projects. You may even be invited to get involved!

    The sections of the Premium Forum are:
    Premium Off Topic - Troll-free OT, for more mature conversations!
    Premium Members Rides - Private MR threads, where you can show off your ride without the fear of advertising it to thieves!
    Serious Builds - A place to document your serious projects without the immature comments frequently left in the regular section.
    CB7tuner Projects - Discussions of upcoming CB7tuner projects. Provide your input, and maybe even participate in the execution of the projects!

    There are a number of Premium Membership options:

    Bronze Member = Access to the Premium Forums , a PM storage increase from 70 to 150, a bronze user name, and a title of Bronze Member. That's $8 for 3 months.

    Silver Member = Access to the Premium Forums, an inbox increase from 70 to 200, the ability to open and close your own threads (anywhere on the forum), a silver username, and a user title of "Silver Member". That's $15 for 6 months.

    Gold Member = access to the special section, a PM storage increase from 70 to 500, the ability to open and close your own threads, a gold username, and a title change to "Gold Member". That's $25 for a full year.

    Foundation Member = Essentially the same as Gold. However, PMs increase to 1000, and it comes with a t-shirt and 1 pair of decals. Usernames for Foundation members are in blue. Also, Foundation Members will be the first to be included in any special projects.
    This level of membership is the most exclusive, and it comes at a price of $100 for one full year. I do not expect many people to choose this option, but those that do are going to be the most serious CB7tuner members among us!
    IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT sign up as a Foundation Member without first contacting me! I will have to ensure that I have a t-shirt in your size, and that I have decals in stock. I will also need your address to know where to send the stuff! If you sign up as a Foundation Member without contacting me, I will assume that you are not interested in the shirt and decals. I will not chase you down to ask you about it.

    I have also included a Monthly Contributor option. By selecting this option, you will be signing up to donate $2 a month to this site. You will get a user title of Monthly Contributor, but you will not see any additional benefits (such as access to the Premium Forums.) This is a RECURRING CHARGE!

    When your subscription expires, your PM box will return to the normal size (70). Any PMs beyond that 70 will likely be deleted. Be sure to save any important information before your subscription expires!

    Also, you will be expected to follow all rules of this forum. Any abuse of any new abilities may result in a ban and/or revocation of your premium status. The premium fee is NON-REFUNDABLE! You have been warned!


    Please note that I only accept Paypal. Please do not ask me about alternative forms of payment. Payment is in USD.