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Calling cp[mike] bulb application update and questions

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    Calling cp[mike] bulb application update and questions

    So I have my gauge out thinking of doing some LEDs. I was going over all the info I could find and was trying to get a idea of how many bulbs I need and what they looked like. I have taken photos of the bulbs and there locations and color coded them. I think they are right for the most part. I can edit them if need be.

    So I could not find or I failed to notice a difference between the 168 bulb and the 194's. Are there 168's? or can you change 194's to 168's?

    Also for people with autos trans and the door indicators bulbs, is there a number or they just honda. If they where just honda I was thinking about doing this:

    BUT I recall having to fix over and over a dodge gauge that the car vibration would break the solder joints. It was common. Do you think that could be an issue here?

    Here are the bulbs:

    Here is the honda data on them:

    78181-SM4-901 SOCKET ASSY., BULB (8V-150MA) (BASE:WHITE)
    78182-SM4-003 SOCKET ASSY., BULB (14V-100MA)(BASE:BROWN)
    78183-SM4-003 SOCKET ASSY., BULB (14V-100MA)(BASE:BROWN)
    78184-SM4-003 SOCKET ASSY., BULB (14V-60MA) (BASE:GRAY)

    Since it is 2016 there are pop in leds for 74 , 194, 168. If i match clear to clear led and blue coated to blue led, Do you think the gauge would look off aka bright spots or blinding when look at indicators?

    Also do we know the stock brightness in lumens I can get 25 lm , 10 lm , and 5 lm, for 74's. Do you think the 5 lm would be bright enough?

    Would like your input on the lumens of the 194 as well. The one I see are multi led, and smd so I dont think I could sand them down.

    Thanks for your help. Oh here is the photos for the bulb application:

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    168 and 194 work in same socket. based of data for Incandescent bulb the 168 is 38 lm @ 0.35 amps and 194 is 25 lm @ 0.27.

    I found the lumens rating of most of the incandescent bulbs if any one would like a chart let me know. I can post one.