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EXT: 10 dollar LED tail mod.

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    EXT: 10 dollar LED tail mod.

    So I set out to get LEDs for my aftermarket clear tails for the 5th gen wagon.
    Looking over the options and being on a budget, I went with a different solution.

    Posting this on a 4th gen forum because I figure you guys could adapt it.

    I order 4 LED Arrows in red, they ran me $4.14 shipped from Hong Kong.
    I then ran to Radio Shack and got 4 Diodes, and a package of 450ohm Resistors, for under $5.

    I had electrical tape, wire, and silicone sealant laying around, kept cost down.

    Heat your tail lights up at 250* for 12mins in your oven.
    Pry your tail lights apart, be careful, take it easy.
    Place arrows in your tail light, any way you want. I spread mine out.
    Run wire through existing hole.

    Seal up the tail light, and seal up the hole for the bulb, enjoy.

    Brake light on.

    Reg tail light.
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