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ENG: O2 Sensor Replacement

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    ENG: O2 Sensor Replacement

    Here is my first DIY

    Tools Needed
    1. Denso or NTK/NGK O2 Sensor
    2. A can of PB Blaster or Deep Creep
    3. 7/8 or 22mm wrench or o2 sensor socket
    4. Flashlight
    5. Jack and Jackstands

    First jack front end of car up and place on jack stands at the jack points

    Disconnect negative battery cable and wrap in rag.

    Next locate the o2 sensor on you engine:
    F22A1/A2: On the mainfold
    F22A4/A6: On the 2/1 split

    Lube that sucker up with your PB Blaster and wait for about 10 mins.

    Next loosen with wrench or socket and pull out.

    Disconnect wires:

    Remove old sensor and compare to new one:

    Coat new sensor threads with anti seize compound and try not to touch the end of the sensor.

    Stick new sensor into hole and tighten snug

    Reconnect all wires and make sure none is hanging to touch anything:

    Reset ECU In accordance with the ECU codes thread:

    this is my first DIY so forgive me if it is not up to par
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