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ENG: static fuel pressure gauge

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    ENG: static fuel pressure gauge

    I used the Blackworks racing oil filled gauge, part number BWGA-0115

    what you'll need

    - drill
    - 11/32" steel drill bit
    - 1/8" pipe tap
    - vice or something
    - 17mm socket
    - 12mm socket
    - short 14mm wrench
    - Teflon tape

    got my gauge in the mail

    on the fuel rail you want to remove this bolt plug. (or get a spare one or two from the junk yard like I did)
    first remove the smaller plug with a 12mm socket
    then the whole thing with a 17mm socket. keep a hold of the crush washer for the bigger plug.

    with the smaller plug removed tighten the main plug into a vice. and drill out a little bit as straight as you can with your 11/32" drill bit.

    when that's clear, get your 1/8" pipe tap and slowly start threading that into your bored out plug. at first by hand, then I used a socket that fits the drive end, and slowly tapped in.

    After you have a good thread going, back it out. (on my first one I threaded too deep and busted off the main thread on the plug that threads into the fuel rail)
    check it, and if it looks good, try threading in your BWR gauge. all good? I used Teflon tape on the gauge threads. I always wrap 5-6 times (be sure to wrap tight and away from you [if you're right handed] so the tape doesn't peel off when you start threading in the gauge)
    before you do that though, re-install your plug onto the fuel rail first, using a 17mm socket (be sure the crush washer is on)

    once that is snug, hand tight the Teflon taped BWR fuel pressure gauge in. once hand tight I gave it a few turns with a short 14mm wrench.

    fire up the engine and make sure you don't leak

    sorry for the lack of pics during the process, but this literally takes 10 minutes to do. just figured I would make a diy since there isn't one I've found. I think it's functional and adds a little bit to look at in your engine bay

    C-3PO's MRT USDM yo!

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