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ENG: No cutting wire tuck

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    ENG: No cutting wire tuck

    What's up CB7Tuner. Recently I've been searching the forums for help on doing a wire tuck (Without Cutting Wires), and I found that there are only a few very good walk-throughs (DarkCloud being one of them), and some of them have pictures that are no longer available. I've never done a wire-tuck myself (until now) however, thanks to those that put up DIY's I'm able to do it myself.

    SO... I've decided to take the information I found on here and make a video to help those that want to clean up there bay but need a little more visual help. I wanted to do this with the "minimum" amount of cutting as I could. I'm sure some here can do this in their sleep, so everyone is more than welcome to chime in and give suggestions... I'll post more videos (or links to my YouTube videos) as I progress.
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    Part 2: