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ENG: Cam Timing Instructions

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    ENG: Cam Timing Instructions


    After installing replacement camshafts and cam gears, it's optimal to accurately tune them on a dyno to acheive the best possible performance gain. By not tuning them or not tuning them properly, you may be actually loosing power. Usually on Honda motors advancing the intake cam and retarding the exhaust cam seems to work best. And also note that when you change the intake cam you must also readjust your ignition timing as well. For every 1 of intake cam timing adjustment the ignition timing changes 2 in the opposite direction. (i.e. if you ADVANCE the intake cam timing 2 you will need to RETARD the ignition timing by 4 - Setting it back to 16).


    Start out with first by adjusting the exhaust cam timing. RETARD it 1 and run on the dyno. RETARD an additional 1 degree (total of 2) and run on the dyno. Repeat UP TO -4 and stop when you do not see any more gains. If you RETARD it 1 and you don't gain power, try 2. If still no gain, try ADVANCING instead of RETARDING.

    Once complete with the exhaust cam timing, you can move to the intake cam timing. Follow the same steps as you used for the exhaust cam but remember you must also adjust your ignition timing.

    After you've found the optimal setting for the intake cam timing go back to the exhaust cam once more and ADVANCE as well as RETARD 1 to see if there may be any more power to gain in either direction.

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