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ENG: Header/ Exhaust Install

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    ENG: Header/ Exhaust Install

    can anyone post a header and cat-back install? i know it's simple...but for some people like's easier to have instructions just in case thanks!

    92 Accord LX 5spd

    kind of a late response:

    put them on in 2 pieces. First, i would just hand screw on the bolts for the top part of the header to the block. then continue by going under the car and then loosely connecting the 3 bolts that connect the top part to the bottom part. I would just hand tighten all the bolts first to make sure everything fits. After that's done, go ahead and torque down the top part to the block as Fizz described and work your way down.

    some helpful tips that i learned and some others on this board have learned (theone *cough cough).

    - PB blaster or WD40 IS YOUR BEST FRIEND, possibly better than your wife/GF.

    - A wobble joint aka Universal Joint that attaches to then end of your socket ratchet to fit in tight places and get that angle you need. It is primarly useful on the front bolt facing the front of the car that connects the top part of the header to the bottom part of the header.

    - socket extensions (used for above)

    - at least a 2 ft. breaker bar. and some grunt force. this will help you break loose those RUSTED TO HELL cat bolts and also will help you take out your o2 sensor (using an o2 sensor removing tool).

    - when trying to get the header hanger back into place, it's VERY helpful if some pushes up on the flex pipe towards the chassis of the car to bring the header hanger closer to the rubber hanger.

    - Anti-seize. I can't stress this enough. I had enough trouble trying to break bolts loose that i WILL NEVER WANT TO GO THROUGH IT AGAIN! grr. Apply them to all new nuts and bolts on whatever you are replacing that are prone to rusting.

    - lastly, a second person: to hold things in place and to kick and punch when you get mad and frustrated! hah. jp. but a second hand always helps!
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    '98 Prelude (BB6) Type SH


      Just wanted to put this out there: this thread has little useful information anymore. The tips above are really the only useful pieces of information here. I think someone got banned or posts got deleted and the useful info was lost.


        im going through all diys from the beginning, looking for some information to do my header install, found this on page 17 but no real info here or pictures, just the common sense i already knew


          Ill be doing this and take some pics and post them within the next couple of weeks. Its pretty easy and straight forward though