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INT: turbo timer installation

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    INT: turbo timer installation

    well i did this today wired up my turbo timer, it was pretty simple. if you have an alarm you need to cut the yellow wire that was connected coming from your alarm. b4 you start cutting wires i suggest you pick a place for you turbo timer or else your gonna start over and redo the whole thing just to make the wire longer.

    tools needed:
    10mm wrench
    phillip screwdriver
    wire cutter
    electric tape or u can solder it also
    12 gauge wire (my turbo timer didnt come w/ harness so i needed it to extend the wires)

    1. first you need to disconnect your battery. just incase.
    2. take off 5 or 7 bolts from the steering column cover.
    3. next take off plastic cover under the steering column.
    4. then take off 4 10mm bolts.
    5. you should see 5 wires coming out of the ignition.
    white/black= ACC (no wire need to be connected on this wire)
    white= 12v battery
    yellow= Ignition 2
    black/white= starter

    6. now you can start connecting the wires. I think all turbo timers are the same but i had a greddy turbo timer.
    from the turbo timer wire to ignition wires
    red = white
    black= to any ground wire
    blue = solid yellow wire
    green= black and yellow wire

    on the turbo timer it also has brown and purple wire for extra safety but i didnt connect them. you can connect them if you want, all you gotta do is connect brown wire to the handbreak wire, if you take out your handbrake plastic cover there should be a wire for it. and the purple wire you need to connect it to the ECU, it needs to be connected to the speedometer wire. and on the turbo timer there should be an extra gray wire which is not necessary to be connected.

    7. now just tape up everything and start putting back all the bolts and oh yea dont forget you battery also.

    sorry guys i dont have any pics to go with it Midnitexracer said he can post some pics up when he put his on. good luck to yall its pretty easy so there shouldnt be no problem putting it on.

    heres a pic i took today where i put the turbo timer.
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    thank you


      Re: DIY for turbo timer

      Originally posted by gdout90accord
      5. you should see 5 wires coming out of the ignition.
      white/black= ACC (no wire need to be connected on this wire)
      white= 12v battery
      yellow= Ignition 2
      black/white= starter
      hmm from the wiring diagram i got off the internet, some of the wire colors are in a different order than what you've stated. this is what my wiring diagram states:
      white = constant 12v+
      black/yellow = ignition1
      white/black = ignition2
      yellow = accessory

      anways, does your alarm arm when the timer is counting down? i know some alarms can't arm when the motor is still running. what this bypassed in your case?

      overall good job on the writeup !
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        white/black= ACC (no wire need to be connected on this wire)
        white= 12v battery
        yellow= Ignition 2
        black/white= starter

        i got these on our 1990-1993 haynes manuals.
        and for the alarm all you have to do is cut the yellow wire from the alarm thats connected to the black/white wire from the ignition.


          Hmmm dude I would've tucked it where the other coin tray is...looks nice though
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            wow great write up

            Dynamic racing

            Look out for 4 point cb7 strut bars for dohc!!!

            Originally posted by deevergote
            bleh... i just put like 5 ounces of vodka in a 12 oz cup of mango iced tea...


              how much was ur turbo timer?
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                FREEEE DUDE


                  your my new hero, damn instructions were in japanese so I never installed mine



                    damnn this thing is back from the dead


                      lol, if i knew it was here a year ago i would've used it instead of throwing my turbo timer in my closet. But yes, I'm good at thread revival, and it's definitely a good DIY writeup



                        thanks so much man, i just spent 20 minutes outside with a voltmeter trying to figure out which was which.

                        and 92lx, my stupid instructions were in japanese too, so i searched up on greddy for instructions, heres the link for the pdf
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                          hmm instead of cutting the alarms ignition wire (which makes you lose the starter kill) i would put a relay inline that temporarily disconnects the yellow wire while the turbo timer is running.
                          realy pin 30 ign wire from alarm (yellow)
                          pin87a to igntion wire of car
                          ground pine 86
                          no connection to pin 87
                          and run the ignition wire from teh turbo timer to both pin 85 and the car ignition wire.
                          i think that should work, and keeps your starter kill


                            my diy is back from da dead once again haha


                              this was helpful

                              but, there no power to the timer ???? the 12v white to red wire won't keep the timer powered up.
                              when you take the red away from the white the timer blinks on then off.
                              ???it won't stay on.
                              it might be the ghetto alarm i got. i dunno??? it hooks to the 12v white also
                              maybe its stealing the power???probally not
                              is there some other 12v source i can use arond there??

                              maybe my gounds are bad??? any ideas?????

                              oh yeah i didn't cut yellow from alarm ???

                              edit : ok i cut the yellow small from alarm. do i connect it to anything???
                              looks like not enough power. still ??

                              ***fixed: works good now just used a female spade connector to the fuse box 12v source.( the one they hook the folding mirrors to.)

                              the problem was a bad Ground connection. i believe

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