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INT: new idea for dash cleaning

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    INT: new idea for dash cleaning



    things that u need.
    a loooooooooooot of time in ur hands.

    For the first time in my life i was on time on a meeting(not like deever who is always late)
    so i meet iceplayer(huan) to go to the south NJ meeting.(thanks a lot to the people who didn't show up,, u missed on something)
    so while we were waiting we decited that we should do a DIY on how to clean the dash(for the new comers lol)

    Ok since the dashboard takes a lot of dust because everyone here is too lazy to clean the carpets,,,, it looses that shany look that we always wanted.
    and u can't use the spray product that they sell because it will attract more dust, and u can't use a towel because the dust will fast at its place again. so i came with the idea to use WD 40

    WHY? because wd 40 is a liquid penetrator. which means a good thing when it comes to cleaning. it will absorve all of the dust and it will give kind of a shiny look to morrom dashboard and a very good shiny look to the black dashboards.

    first of all here is how my dashboard looked at the NJ meeting.

    and here is what u need for the first step.

    then u prepare the wd 40
    here is me preparing it.

    then u shake it real well
    all of the guys got experience doing this

    here is the top of the gauge instrument panel and the steering wheel cleaned up only with wd 40.
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    are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet

    after u done with the wd 40 then u can use the armor whipes that u can buy at any automotive store.

    me cleaning

    Don't take everything into ur own hands. cleaning the dash i think we guys can handle. but don't go further like cleaning the carpets and all. because u gona fuck up.
    tryed to clean the carpets and here is what came out..
    THese pic are title "NO COMMENT"

    and no thats not pee lmao. just regular oil and dirt hahahaha(don't ask)

    iceplayer i am gona get u for that pic. don't worry i will. just watch ur back. when u don't expect it,,, i will be there to get u. trust me man. i will take my revange. lol
    hope i helped. and please modds don't delete this DIY. I THINK THIS ONE IS GONNA BE A CLASSIC. LMAO
    are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet


      haha kinda weird...using wd-40 to clean your dashboard. well anyways atleast your very descriptive and have good pics.

      oh yea, cool gauges.
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        good one klevis!
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          afterwards didn't your dash smell like WD-40? isn't that a fire hazard too? good work on the DIY. i've always used WD-40 as a cleaner on top of it being a lubricant but using it on the dash and as a topical is somewhat unconventional. very interesting though!

          i just use a disposable cloth that uses static to attract dust (i.e. swiffer cloths) on my dash. it works the same way but without the odor and mess.
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            Last time I did mine, I used 'back-to-black', which is used to restore the black to rubber, plastics, vinyl, etc. brought about by fading from old age and such. It doesn't have to be used on just black, it can help any color. It looked nice, and I know it soaks in and protects and sh!t but it leaves that greasy feel behind, which is poo, so not really recommended just because of that. It also left its smell, which doesn't smell bad, but its not good either. My friend does a lot of detailing and he recommended peanut butter for all the black on the body of the car. Said it has something to do with the peanut oil...has anyone tried this on their exterior black, rubber/plastic? I'd hate to do it in public if it doesn't work, I'll look like an idiot.

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              dang from WD-40 to peanut butter. this thread is getting better and better. to my surprise, all this sounds like it works after all though. let's experiment...
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                no no smell. nothing. and who can get that kind of clothe. i just use whatever i can find.

                thats the thing,,, it cleans it super well. first i was doing at my plymuth and it has a black dashboard. and it looked just like new. i only used wd 40 and it keep its britnes for about 4 days. that is crazy. then i did it on my honda. it has a marron colour. didn't look so bright. but i used the armor wipes and it all came out so good. i do this every week because i use the car a lot and there is a lot of dust.
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                  how about getting tack cloth from local paint and body shop or buying it at stores
                  painters use it to pick up the fine particles before they paint cars so that might work too.


                    Or you could just use Lexol.


                      ehy man when u are broke u are broke. lol
                      either way i tryed everything. nothing worked for me. i don't know why. i guess that is my luck. till i used the wd 40. lol
                      are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet


                        i just use armor all. i 4got the name for it but its for vinyl, plastic, and other surfaces and has UV protection. works fine and leaves a great shine. i used 1 coat and my dash looked new. but next time i think im going to dust it ALL off first because i noticed some dust did stick around...

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                          i've got a black dash...

                          to clean it if it's too dirty, i use a very diluted degreaser(15-1). then i spray it with water to ensure all of the degreaser's gone, otherwise it might eat little holes in the dash...
                          then, once its dry, I use that spray on wax stuff you can buy. works amazing.. I've never seen a cleaner, more shiny dash...
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                            allright, i myself wouldnt EVER use armorall.. they say it helps, but accually after prolonged use it drys out the dash and eventually will crack.. and wd40? hmmmm wouldnt ever use that either, would smell horrible.. and im shure its not accually good for the dash either, i myself just use water, lol.. works good enough for me!
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                              summer time water will dry that dash even faster and it will crack too. i have seen it happen on a mazda lol
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