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    Phone Mount Suggestion

    Tried to run a search and didn't find any related posts so here goes...

    I'm curious where everybody is putting their phones when driving?

    I tried using the cubby hole in the console but it's pretty useless when you need to visually check google maps or waze unless you're OK with just voice prompts.

    So I found this device on Amazon, checked the mounting dimensions and it actually ended up fitting perfectly between the center vents. It sticks well, adjusts easily and you can lock it after you set it up.

    I've put one in each of my cars in different places but the 93SE location actually works the best. It's at the ideal height visually so you don't need to look away from the road too long.

    Anyway, that's about it. This one is the "Scosche MAGDMB MagicMount Magnetic Dash Mount for Mobile Devices" and runs about $15.

    Here's some mounting tips:
    1. Clean the area with alcohol first and let it dry.

    2. The mounting plate has 2 bendable sections (top and bottom) which you should bend before peeling off the adhesive backing and installing. This will help it conform better to the rounded shape of the area between the vents.

    3. If the temperature in your area is still cold (about 60 degree or less) try heating both the mounting plate and center of the dash with a hair blower for a few minutes to ensure it sticks.

    4. Immediately after you install it keep pressing the bendable sections against the dash to help it conform for several minutes while it's still warm. If it tries to lift away hit it again with the hair blower for a few more minutes and repeat pressing it.

    Wait about 24 hours before hanging your phone on it and you're good to go.

    My Collection:
    93SE Sedan (Cashmere Metallic)
    00EXV6 Sedan (Naples Gold)
    04TSX 6-Spd Navi (Premium White Pearl)