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INT: Painting interior vinyl and fabric

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    INT: Painting interior vinyl and fabric

    Quoted from jay (flooredaccord) from

    Accord Tuner nor flooredaccord (nor CB7Tuner) will be held liable for anything you mess up. Please make sure you understand the directions before you do it. If you have questions ask.

    Tools required:
    14mm socket
    12mm socket
    flat head
    phillips head
    duct tape
    vinyil and fabric spray from autozone or walmart
    and patience for the rear seat

    Use the 14mm to unbolt the front seats and unplug all wires. Thenm put those seats aside. Use the 12mm to undo the rear seats. There are 2 bolt on the bottom sides of the upper part of the seat. Then put that aside and there should be 1 bolt in the middle of the lowere part of the rear seat. unbolt that. Now door panels have like 4 screw find em and take teh panel off. Now tape off all the area you do not want to be colored. Proceed to spray the area you want colored. I would do a few coats obviously. Give them a few hours to dry and then bolt it all back up.. O yea take the tape off too.........My Seats pictured below.

    Good luck,
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    this is the paint i used for my door panels, and it does start to fade after a while. but, it doesnt rub off on your clothes right? it seems to make the cloth stick together a little more and a tad bit more rough. but this works and doesnt come off right? ive not said anything yet here, im just kinda sceptical here. does it turn out well? does it feel rough? is it worth it?
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      that looks real good,, i might have to try it


        Hey thats what i did a long time ago did my whole interior black and blue. Paint on seats will kinda fade in time since get in and out of car. My back seats look new cuz no one sits back there but driver seat is kinda fading. But it works. It does feel kinda rough when u finish it. But what i did was vacuum it a lot and it will soften it up.
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