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INT: headliner and domelight swap

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    INT: headliner and domelight swap

    ok so i recently reupholsered my headliner and used a modified dsm 1g domelight
    the map light buttons on this are acc buttons now for neons and other such items

    ok so you will need 1 1g dsm dome lamp
    razorblabe, hole saw, can of 3m super 77 adhesive,
    if you choose to ad a symbol in the headliner like i did you will need either 1" foam rubber i density or double thick foam board
    also need foam backed headliner material or fabric of your choice (suede, velvet, ect) and a couple nuts and bolts alng with a drilled aluminum bar like a band steel or something

    step one remove all trim and bolts from the headliner and pull it out
    step 2 fill the old dome light hole
    you can either use foam bored or card board to fill the old dome light hole. it shoudl look something like this at this point

    ok from there lay out where you would like the dsm domelamp setup dont forget to get the wireing clip with the lame much easier
    so at the point your gonna begin to cut the new hole in the headliner i recommend using a razorblade to cut the vynil and then a holesaw
    step three ok for this step if have a design you would like aded this is where you super glue or super 77 it to the headliner first by cleaning with either a dish detergant or a metal prep

    gf made me put taht pic in she took it while i was workin on this

    step four so after you have this glued down you can use something like a bondo or i used "right stuff" to mold the dome light into the headliner

    after you let this cure over night so it is hard sand in roughly formed to the headliner so it doesnt look out of place
    dont forget to use either a molders wax or cooking spray on the dome lamp so the foam will be removeable not easy to get it off
    once have it off you can move the next step
    step five ok so the next step you will clean the entire surface of the headliner with the dome light removed you need to lay the fabric so
    start in the center is you have a design and do smal sections working toward the outer edged spraying and pressing it will mold rightinto the ohshit handles and the visor depressions
    should look like this

    ok after this is done locate all the bolt holes with the razorblade and make small slices and cross cut like and x the new domelight hole and fold behing the dome light
    now move on
    step six ok as for step 6 you will install the dome light using the metal band bent into the form of the back of the headliner so it will hold tight so it doesnt move the hole i cut was tight but to make sure i used this metal band
    so as follows there are 2 holes in the dome light that mount it those mount to the band i used ill post pics of details on the dome lamp later
    but depending on your interior colors mine is black and silver this is what you should come out with if you paint it

    so thats my finished product ill put up a scematic for the domelight later along with a detailed pic of that and questions throw them my way

    the build and demise
    buy stuff i want a new car

    looks cool bro, nice DIY

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      very cool is it possible we could get a pic of it in the car?
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        nice diy i was lookin for someting like this


          thats cool man nice diy

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              looks pretty sweet