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INT: Type-R Automatic Short Shifter

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    INT: Type-R Automatic Short Shifter

    "Why would you want a "Type R" short auto shifter?"

    Well, it gets that big-ass shifter out of the way so your in-dash video monitor (if you own one) doesn't hit it.

    It also makes getting to your drinks in your cup holder easier, and looks good too.
    If done right, this shifter will turn heads.

    If done wrong:
    1. You'll need to get another automatic lever shifter assembly. (and they're not cheap)
    2. You won't be able to shift properly (if not at all)
    3. You'll be calling a tow truck.

    I am in no way responsible for rookie mistakes, mis-calculations, or jackassery.

    **If you suck with tools and following instructions, DO NOT ATTEMPT.**

    -You have been warned.

    First things first, you need to get the shifter. They sell them on ebay for mad cheap. That's where I got mine. If you live in LA, try China Town.
    If you live in NYC, try Cannal St. Anywhere you get it though, you should pay no more than 30 bucks total.

    Tools Needed:

    1. Pipe cutter
    2. Metal file
    3. Allen keys
    4. Philips screw driver
    5. Drill w/drill bits
    6. Dremil w/sanding attachments

    Here's what the shifter looks like apart. (This shifter has seen a few years,
    so that's why it looks the way it does. Yours will be new)

    ******* 1. Remove items 1,2, & 3 from the diagram above.

    2. Using a pipe cutter, cut the outer shifter tubing. Next, cut the shifter rod inside
    as illustrated in the picture above. (a standard size business card was placed in the
    picture as a size reference)

    3. Drill the hole for the set screw. Be careful not to drill into the shifter rod.

    4. Test fit the Type-R shaft on the shifter rod. Ensure that the set screw goes in
    and secures the shaft in place.

    5. Remove the Type-R shaft. Slide the lower part of the shift knob onto the shaft
    as shown above.

    6. Place the Type-R assembly back on the shifter. It should now look as shown above.

    7. Tighten the set screw. Note: sometimes the set screw sticks out too much,
    and gets in the way of the upper shifter assembly. If needed, use a file or a Dremil
    and grind down the sides around the set screw to ensure smooth shifting.

    8. Place the spring on the top of the shaft.

    9. Place the shifter knob upper assembly on the shaft.

    10. Screw the upper assembly and lower assembly together and you're done!
    Remember, if the shifter does not go down smoothly, the set screw is in the way.
    Use the file and file it down.

    **If this DIY looks too hard for you, please do not attempt.**

    If you found this thread informative, please rate it.

    Thanks. -g
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    If imitation is the best form of flattery............thanks for kissing my ass.

    awesome DIY! I did mine earlier today and it looks as though we did it exaclty the same way


      Wish I had an auto to do this. Nice n clean...Excellent DIY...


        very nice man! i usually laugh at people with automatic short shifters, but that looks fucking cool, and its functional. so

        Owner of


          damn... i wish yu could come down to vancouver and help me do it... dat looks sick.


            very cool, so what did you do with the sports button?


              Originally posted by JusTy13oi
              very cool, so what did you do with the sports button?
              his car is a 93.. they didn't come with sport buttons





                  Looks good
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                    i think im gonna do this, i hate my shifter! not as much as i hate auto, but close. once i start doing my interior (which is in about 30 minutes)... this is definately one of the first projects im going to do. great writeup!

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                      i did an aftermarket auto nob (dif from that one) but left the shaft the stock height, I like this and get the concept so I think I will be doing this myself.

                      P.S. if more warnings were written like that, the world would be a safer place.

                      on second thot, maybe not.
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                        ive been looking for something like this. yeah ill be doing this next week. but ill be putting a shift boot on mine.

                        yeah it will look like a rice but ill like it. holla.

                        nice write up man. on the real


                          Nice. I hate how the radio, cup holders, and shifter are so close together, for both autos and manuals. Does look a bit odd to me. But way functional.
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                            so im guessing the ones with "sports mode" are screwed and wont be able to try this, right? unless you rig some sort of button at the top with a mini latch to keep it out of view.
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                              if you dont do the short part of it you just put the top on with no mods?
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