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INT: Radio Harness Conversion

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    INT: Radio Harness Conversion

    Ok here goes my first DIY.

    This conversion will change your 86-98 radio harness to a 99-current honda radio harness. IE you can buy a stock radio of ANY year and have it work in your car. I tested this out by buying a cheap Acura/Honda CD radio 04 model off ebay for $20 shipped (I was able to put all this in the car for under $50).

    Did this conversion and it worked great, so my next plan is to buy on of those in-dash honda 6 disc changer for my Accord, sure it's a double-din radio but I get a 6 disc changer.

    I will post some pics later need to get my camera back.

    Total cost of parts $30 from Autozone & BestBuy

    Step 1) First get the harnesses you wil need a OEM radio harness adapter (Metra 71-1721 [BestBuy] for 99+ radios) and a radio to stock harness adapter (Metra 70-1720 [Autozone] for 86-98 cars)

    Step 2) Just connect the color coded wires of both harness to each other leave the orange wires disconnected for the moment.

    Step 3) Orange wire time. what you do is connect the solid orange wire from the OEM Radio harness (71-1721) to the Orange/white wire on the stock radio harness adapter (70-1720).

    As for the one wire you have left (orange/white on the oem harness), I just took it folded it over on it's self and taped to keep it from shorting out.

    Well your done now, go connect your newer model stock radio to your car.
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    has anyone done this! it sounds like a great idea! for that factory look too! hmm i just might have to do this! also it would keep away a-holes from stealing my headunit! PLus In Dash 6 disc Changer! thats hot!
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      I did it! I put a 99 civic si deck in mine! I like it because it says Honda (lookin factory) and it plays cds. It's also amber, but nothing else is amber in my car, but it looks good!

      Originally posted by cp[mike]
      oh well. its just a car, its not the end of the world.


        could you hook up a system to a stock headunit
        if so, does it effect power
        my headunit says 180 x 4 so its like 45w each speaker i guess
        wuts the 6 cd changer stock cd players put out?
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          high level input. any newer amp should have it.
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