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Rear 5 Lug Drum Swap

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    Rear 5 Lug Drum Swap

    Hello Everyone. So today I decided I was going to start my 5 Lug swap on the Rear, but I’m keeping drums.
    The Parts you need are,

    97-01 CRV Drums
    97-01 Prelude Rear Bearings
    Wheel studs Dorman 610-408 for (10)
    Axle Nut Dorman 05185 (2)

    wheel studs are 1/4 inch longer for more grip on for your wheel nuts. And the axle nut is shorter because you do lose some shaft length because everything doesn’t sit flush like the OEM CB Accord set up.

    Pics to come after I finish everything. Just finished putting the studs in the hubs so I figured I’d document everything I’ve completed so far
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