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SUSP: Front Camber Kit Install

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    SUSP: Front Camber Kit Install

    I will not be held responsible for any wrong information or damage caused to you or your car from this writeup. I did not write it, but I can still answer questions.

    Tools needed:
    - wrenches
    - socket wrenches
    - jack and jack stand

    1. Jack the car up and put on a jack stand. You will need the jack later in the install to support the suspension. Once the car is up in the air remove the wheel.

    2. In order to install the camber kits you will need remove some bolts in the engine bay. Lift your hood and take the strut bar off. Once you have done this you will need to remove the two fuse boxes (circled in picture) that cover the two necessary bolts to remove the control arm (there isnít any fuse boxes on the drivers side).

    3. After the fuse boxes have been removed support the suspension with the jack before you unbolt the bolts.

    4. Once you have removed the fuse boxes unbolt the two bolts holding the control to the body. The two bolts are circled in the picture.

    5. When the two bolts are removed the control should drop down. If not lightly tap it with a rubber mallet and you should be good.

    6. Each stock camber kit (donít know the correct term for the stock camber kit) has a bolt attaching it to the control arm. These bolts will need to be removed to take the old kit out and replace it with a new one.

    7. Once you have removed the old camber kits go ahead and put the new ones in. Depending on what camber kit you buy, the way or direction the camber kit is installed will differ. If you buy the ingalls, which were installed in this DIY on kleptoís car, the shaft that corrects the camber kit slides up and down. The worse your camber is the closer the shaft needs to be the edge of the kit. In the pic you will notice the old ingalls camber kits that were on the car was as far from the edge as possible because the camber on the car wasnít very bad. Once you know how where you want the shaft to be go ahead and tighten the nut which is connected to the shaft. The good thing with the ingalls is you donít really have to know how bad your camber is because when u take it in for an alignment they just move the shaft back and forth.

    If you buy the knock off camber kits from ebay there isnít a shaft that moves. Rather, the long screw is installed in one of two holes. Just look at the illustration which comes with the directions to see which hole to screw the bolt in to fix what degree of negative camber.

    8. Once you have determined the degree of camber that needs to be fixed, go ahead and install the new camber kit back onto the control arm and reverse steps 2-5. To install the camber on the opposite side repeat these steps except for step 2. The drivers side doesnít have any fuse boxes to worry about.

    sweet diy man this will help thanks


      bad ass DIY especially on the anchor bolt way cause i think the other one was for the balljoint camber kit i think

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        Good DIY, but alot of its common sense. I guess it will help people with less common sense though.

        Just wanted to add, its very important to torque down all the nuts to the correct specification, even after doing this mine still managed to come loose as some of the kits have greater tolerance, so loktite is also a good precaution to take.

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          nice write up, i was gonna do one when i did mine, but i was pressed for time. i installed my camber kits 8 hours before i left for carlisle for the sport compact show.

          i figured -3.8ļ of camber would have been bad for a road trip, i woulda needed new tires by the time i got back
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            used this thread today..nice write up..moving the fuse box sucks though, but o well I made it work.
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