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my temporary exhaust

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    my temporary exhaust

    hey guys just thought i would post up some work i did tonight in 14 degree weather

    this is what i am working with

    headers are new in this pic but i had them on my sedan and not in this condition now lol

    i have a 22" resonator and an 18" resonator that i would like to use

    here i cut off about four inches of pipe and the flange from the down pipe

    i plan to mate my 2" diameter down pipe with my 2.5" cat
    the notch in the hanger is what i plan to trim to make more room for my resonators

    hanger trimmed and cleaned

    mocked up

    i did get this piece welded up but no pics tonight but will post them tomorrow

    FYI i am using a harbor freight $90 dollar special that is about 4.5 years old. my liner was so cold when welding that the wire could not be fed at a steady pace and was so stiff it could hardly bend at all.
    i had to keep it straight as possible and could only weld in the overhead position.

    92 LX N/A rust bucket restoration RIP
    91 DX Coupe to 9293 EX Coupe restoration
    funds for swap:$000.00
    Bought from:HondaFan81=My current CB7 DD ,CB7_Sleeper1 Koochologist Tommi mtnbikkerkid33
    Traded with: Wed3k