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90cb♥ : 1990 Accord LX

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    90cb♥ : 1990 Accord LX

    Hey fellow cb7tuners! I'm Cynthia and this is my cb, which I've had for about 6 years. Slowly, I've been building my car on a college student budget and the help of my boyfriend Sal. I started getting into my cb when I went to the Aliso Creek in '07 (I think) with my boyfriend (jdmbeener).


    -JDM H22a
    -Apexi ws2 exhaust
    -A/C delete
    -USDM F22a6 tranny (gone)

    -JDM 90-91 black housed headlights w/yellow high beams & HID lows (4300k)
    -OEM flushmount
    -Japanese Hello Kitty license plate bolt covers
    -JDM grill
    -OEM window visors
    -JDM bumper

    -Momo hub
    -Works Bell hub lock
    -NRG quick release
    -Personal steering wheel
    -custom shift boot
    -Spoon Duracon shift knob

    -92 ex wheels
    -rear disc conversion

    -DC front & rear strut bars
    -Function & Form type 1 coils
    -Tokico blues (gone)
    -Ground control coilovers (gone)

    Future Plans:

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    The first meet I took it to (taken by Aaron)...

    Aliso Creek Apr.'09...(taken by Craig)

    as it sat...

    Autotoyz meet...

    West Coast meet...(thanks Joey)

    Knowmyhonda meet...
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          Flushmount!! everything flows nice , Always liked how the roof racks look
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            Car looks awesome!! I wouldnt change a thing. Mesh rims really set the whole look off.


              JDM as fuck. Very nice.

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                LOVE THIS CAR !!!!!! nice flow to the whole thing.


                  Sweet cb!
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                    you should take some side pictures that aren't tilted to show off the stance, it looks pretty low
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                      dag. nice cb. i was about to pick an exact model of this car from a friend of mine. but she sold it before i got to it.

                      but nice cb tho. i like what you did with the valve cover more pics.


                        Luv your cb...
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                          car is hot! hope mine looks this good when im done.
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                            Hey Cynthia! So that was your car at the meet, I didn't know! lol. It looks good I'm surprised, I thought the car belonged to one of the guys. Damn, gotta give you props. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you at future meets

                            Btw, my names Chris. My car was parked next to yours

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                              I like that you have an F series tranny with the H22 on there, does that get you pretty good gas milage due to taller gears? Well anyways love the car (esp the roof rack)...Keep it up
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                              Originally posted by deevergote
                              Do you really need to make a thread asking if having your car like this /---\ will cause uneven tire wear? Try walking like that for a few weeks and see if your shoes wear funny! (hint: they will.)