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Dobermann : 1991 Accord EX

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    Dobermann : 1991 Accord EX

    Her name is Elizabeth McCord. Feel free to add her to facebook.

    ...Yes, my car has a facebook.

    AEM Short Ram Intake
    Stock F22
    P12 ECU (Thanks True-BlueCB7)
    4 Spd Auto
    2.5" tubing to Vibrant Street Muffler
    Pulled AC, CC, and a few others.

    Suspention and Wheels
    Ground Control Coilover Sleeves - Spun all the way down in the summer, up a bit in the winter
    Koni Yellow Shocks - Lowest perch.
    Random Strut Tower Bars

    215/50/15 BFG GForce Sports Rear
    195/50/15 Yokohoma S.Drives Front
    Prelude Sawblades 15x6.5 +55

    Centerline Drag Rims 15x7 -17
    Looking for slicks for them. Or if anyone wants these, PM me.

    Black steelies 14x6
    175/65/14 Perelli Winter Carving

    Clean. All the time.
    Alpine Deck
    Pioneer speakers

    OEM Honda Foglights!!
    Bordeaux redhoused headlights
    Legend Sedan Lip (Thanks V)
    Smoked amber corners
    Smoked Amber bumper lights
    Smoked Amber E36 Sidemarkers
    Brand new front end parts
    Shaved emblems

    Coming at some point mods
    H22A Swap possibly, if not just an H22 5spd swap
    Keep gas in the tank
    Keep it insured
    Keep up with maintenance
    Timing Belt
    16x9 or 16x9.5 ~+15 - +20 w/ 205/45/16 or so.
    Fix developing rust
    Maybe all red my taillights.
    Roof rack, for my bikes.

    Oh, and buy a fast car :-)

    Photos throughout, but the important ones are on the first page


    When I first got it

    It needed suspension

    and it was rusty

    so we fixed it

    Then I crashed it

    So we cut it up

    Welded it back up

    Then finished it

    CB7 Meet

    Lowered it

    Lol winter mode...

    Thanks for looking!
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    Some more pictures!

    Hard parked

    Found these rims for $30 for the set, but they are 4x106.

    Redrilled them on the mill, polished to the tits, and matched centers

    Modest fitment for drag tires...

    Excessive front camber

    Results in this, which I assume can last till the weekend when I planned on raising it... but blew out that night.


    So I go from this

    To this

    It seemed like a monster truck, but its still alot lower than stock.

    November 17th- Making progress on the FULL polish of the blades

    Something in the mail


    Supp Honda_Mike

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      Some pictures from last summer

      Muffler looks to have "speedbump yelllow" on it...

      One off of taken by Deathlens Phptpgraphy
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        Nice and low!!

        I miss my blades...they look soo good on the cbs

        Originally posted by slammed4thgen
        be risky, be smart, and most of all be creative!


          Looks pretty damn good! What a roller coaster with it! Rust then a wreck. Great job!

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            Cars looks great man! Keep up the good work!
            I fly by like the coupe grew wings!!!
            My coupe!!!

            Originally posted by Racer_XXX
            Excuse me miss, YOUR FUPA IS IN THE WAY!!!


              CB looks awesome. Great work. Love the color
              HondAccordMan-1991 Honda Accord LX Sedan

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                mmmm. The sawblades looks good on your car

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                  Thanks guys! I just added some more pictures too!

                  Busak, I actually found these wheels after I saw them in your old sig and liked them.


                    Hey bro i'm loving this CB,looks great and a good job
                    on bring it back out after the wreck.


                      I'm lovin ALL of this :]

                      And It's crazy how clean it is after all it's been!

                      Slamage is worth the Damage

                      Originally posted by crazymikey
                      "Yes, we did officer. By the way, your eyes look a little glazed, did you just come from the donut shop?"


                        nice.. keep it up mike!

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                          One piece JDM's you be needing brahh.
                          Very clean and sexy as always, AMAZING job on the repair.
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                            Nice and clean so far keep it up!

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                              I like how your CB's stance looks. And on those blades hell yeah brotha. As mentioned above keep up the good work!!!!
                              The CB7 Collector.
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                              Originally posted by deevergote
                              Do you really need to make a thread asking if having your car like this /---\ will cause uneven tire wear? Try walking like that for a few weeks and see if your shoes wear funny! (hint: they will.)