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abdielitopr : 1992 Accord LX

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    abdielitopr : 1992 Accord LX

    NEW PICTURES PAGE20(12/15/2007)


    -5 Speed
    -2 1/4 inch pipping
    -Tanabe Hyper Medallion Exhaust
    -Short Air Intake

    -HID's (oem mercedes)
    -Clear Corners (in car)
    -Amber Corners(traded)
    -Amber Signals
    -OEM Stanley EP3 clear sidemarkers w/ amber bulb
    -OEM Stanley 92' Foglights
    -Stock Tailights
    -'92 Black housed + Yellow HB Headlights (On Car)
    -'92 Blacked out Grill (On Car)
    -'91 Blacked out Grill with Accord emblem
    -'91 Black housed + Yellow HB Headlights
    -Black [H] emblem on back
    -Front Lip: 5th Gen Accord (On car)
    -Front Lip: Acura Legend

    -92 Integra Headrests

    Wheels | Suspension:
    -16" TSW Evo (On Car)
    -98 Accord Wheels (SOLD)
    -96 JDM ITRS (SOLD)
    -H&R Springs
    -KYB AGX's Ajustables Shocks
    -Megan Racing front & Rear Strut Bars

    Current Projects:
    -Just bought a pair of '92 OEM headlights, will be blackhousing them soon. Done and on car
    -CB7 EX OEM lip (SOLD)
    -91 Accord OEM grill (Probably do a blackout and place an emblem on the right side) Done
    -92 Accord OEM grill (Removing the center and leave Honda emblem) Currently working on it, but on car

    Mini-Shoot 12/02/05 - Page 4

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    welcome to CB7 tuner, nice ride but theres rules to be followed.


      looks good bro more pics welcome

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        fix ur title pls

        CrzyTuning now offering port services


          Originally posted by jdmcord
          fix ur title pls
          my bad...this is my first post....i changed the title allready..


            did ya use nightshade on the corners?

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              so ya only droped the front, rear is way easyer. but nice ryde.


                nice color and shaded shit looks like mine


                  for new tuners on a very tight budget, all you need is a drop (even on stock rims) and minor cheap mods and cb7s look totally hot.

                  car looks good, keep loving it and itll turn out great.

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                    Pictures of early stages...

                    Originally posted by snailin91
                    so ya only droped the front, rear is way easyer. but nice ryde.
                    yeah i only dropped the front since im still waiting for the springs and shocks for the rear...

                    Originally posted by 91accordexr33
                    did ya use nightshade on the corners?
                    no man, i used some translucent film paper.

                    Here are some pics of the new lip I installed yersterday w/ my cousin. Im also showing off the cb7 tag which gives the car a more aggresive look. Anybody wanna take a guess from which car I got the lip from? Only thing im going to say rite now is that I only paid 20 bucks for it...let me know how you guys think it looks... I will be posting more pics soon since i am now off to fix it some more...

                    Pics of the Legend Lip...

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                      Nice starting point...future plans please. And I agree with CPmike, budget does not matter.


                        hey guys, yesterday i fixed the front lip and got a few more pics of the lip finally fixed and painted. I had to fix the center of the lip, since it bent upwards from the tight fitting. First i cleaned the lip, made some adjustments and then painted it black. Now it looks nice and shiny Then, to reduce the bend, i tied a 5 pound dumbell to the center of the lip and left it a couple of hours on it....Now it stays straight I am planning to take some more good pictures and finally post them up.. here are a few quick pics i took today so you guys can see and tell me wat you think...let me know what you all think!!! Also, has anyone noticed which car is the lip from???

                        Pictures of stepbystep proccess

                        Also, has anyone noticed which car is the lip from???
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                          Updated the pics above!


                            nice lip from a acura legend
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                            Originally posted by f22-dohc

                            fuk man, i'll get my beaver after u. u'll never find me in my igloo... its camaflauged in the arctic!!


                              never seen that lip on a cb7 before

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