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straightedge : 1992 Accord DX

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    straightedge : 1992 Accord DX

    1992 Accord DX Sedan - BASE
    Manual windows/doors, No AC

    Quarter Mile times:
    13.0 @ 112mph [1.87 60 foot]
    Current time as of 11.04.07

    Dyno Results:
    402whp / 325wtq @ 20psi

    Heat delete
    Emissions delete
    P/S delete
    IABs delete
    No AC/Cruise factory

    Engine Cylinder head:
    F22A6 head
    Resurfaced and cleaned
    Delta 272 cam
    KMS valve springs
    KMS Titanium valve retainers
    New OEM Honda valve seals
    NGK 8 series spark plugs .020 gap

    Engine Block:
    F22A6 block
    New OEM bearings/rings
    ARP Head studs
    OEM Honda headgasket
    Unorthodox Racing Ultra S crank pulley

    Air Induction/Fuel:
    H23 upper/lower intake
    H23 throttle body
    RC 750cc injectors
    Walbro 255lph fuel pump
    Spoolin' Performance oil catch tank
    Golden Eagle vacuum manifold
    Generic breather filter

    Custom mounted Aluminum Half-Size Del Sol dual-core radiator
    Fail Safe 170* thermostat
    One 12" slim electric fan

    Turbo Kit:
    Holset HX35 turbocharger
    Custom tubular equal-length turbo manifold
    Custom 2.5" aluminum charge pipes [hot and cold]
    Stealthmode Oil line kit
    Silicone couplers / T-bolt clamps
    Precision 600hp FMIC 31.5x8x3.5
    MRX chipped P75 - SOHC_Mshue Crome tuned
    GReddy Profec-B Spec2 electronic boost controller
    GReddy Type RS blow off valve
    Tial 44mm external wastegate, custom location, custom dumptube

    Under construction (haha)

    F22A6 5spd transmission
    Competition Clutch Stage 4 clutch kit
    Competition Clutch 12lb Flywheel
    Welded stock differential

    "Sponsor" Decals
    35% window tint
    Ventshade window guards
    Custom mounted Taylor 4 post NHRA legal kill switch (will be moved)

    Autometer Boost Gauge
    Autometer Water Temp Gauge
    Custom Roll bar
    Kirkey alum. race seat
    G-Force 5pt SFI approved harness set
    Summit Racing battery relocation kit (RR trunk)

    D2 full Coilovers
    Collective Racing custom traction bar (broken and then repaired)
    eBay strut bars [F & R]
    Suspension Techniques sway bars [F & R]
    94A Urethane engine mounts [Left, Right, Rear]

    Rotor over Hub conversion
    -Brembo Blank 2.3CL Rotors [F]
    -Axxis Ultimate brake pads [F]
    -OEM 2.3CL hubs
    -OEM Accord wheel bearings
    Rear disc brake conversion
    -Brembo Blank Accord Rotors [R]
    -Axxis Ultimate brake pads [R]
    Goodridge Stainless steel brake lines [6 line kit]
    Integra 4040 Proportioning Valve

    ARP Extended studs [F & R]
    H&R 5mm wheel spacers [F]
    96 spec ITR wheels [re-powdercoated]
    225/50R15 Kumho AST tires
    American Racing Split wheels, 15x7, +40mm offset (?)
    Mickey Thompson ET Drag 24.5x8x15 slicks
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    your thread sucks without pictures.

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    - 1990 Accord EX - Grey sedan (sold)
    - 1993 Accord EX - White sedan (sold)
    - 1992 Accord EX - White coupe (sold)
    - 1993 Accord EX - Grey coupe (stolen)
    - 1993 Accord SE - Gold coupe (sold)
    Current cars:
    - 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon - Daily driver
    - 2004 Chevrolet Express AWD - Camper conversion


      You suck.


        pictures damnit!!!
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          Hey buddy wassup with the pics. better get some in there otherwise the Moderators may erase your thread..
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            where the pics at??

            anyways....good to have another dx in the family


              pics or ban!!!!!!!

              no seriously please get some pics up
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                Yea, I'm interesting in seeing photos of your setup as well, I've noticed it on here and it seems interesting.
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                  Originally posted by cp[mike]
                  your thread sucks without pictures.

                  "click the picture for members thread"


                    I'll get some that I have up tonight, I've got class until 830 so after that, you'll be rewarded with some pretty sweet [read: shitty] pictures.


                      cant wait to see it man, just skip class or something.
                      the cb7 tuners demand it!
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                        i'd expect this from a noob. but a member of 2+ years is just sad. jk man. just get those pics up.


                          I'm anxious to see pics of this DX you speak of! Glad you got this one going w/ a crazy setup right off the bat Thanks for all the advice about the D2's



                            Updated for all you wankers.


                              looks good, but we now need engine pics!
                              your car was an ultimate sleeper pre wheels and suspension
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