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cincy90h22 : 1991 Accord LX

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    cincy90h22 : 1991 Accord LX

    The one and only Vortech Supercharged H22 CB7

    Updated pictures

    246.6whp 170.6lb/ft tq @ 4.6psi

    97 H22A4 - completely rebuilt and converted to obd1
    JDM H22a Pistons and Rods
    Skunk2 intake manifold
    Skunk2 stage 2 cams
    Skunk2 racing valve springs and retainers
    Skunk2 cam gears
    H23 manual t-belt tensioner
    Vortech V2 supercharger
    Top mount intercooler - 12x7in core
    DSM blue top 450cc injectors
    Greddy BOV
    Custom 3in exhaust
    WR-Sport muffler (off a wrx)
    5speed M2A4 H22 tranny
    Fidanza 8lb flywheel
    ACT stage 2 street/strip clutch w/extreme pressure plate
    tuned p28 ecu on crome

    NEW black carpet
    Black suede headliner
    Black suede pillars
    Black/red ractive racing seats
    5 point harness
    4 point roll bar
    DIY short shift
    Autometer oil pressure gauge
    Autometer boost/vacuum gauge

    Repainted Fall 2011 - sunset bronze metallic
    92-93 blackhoused oem headlights w/projector retrofit
    92-93 oem grill
    92-93 front bumper
    92-93 jdm fog lights
    jdm intersection lights
    93 SE coupe trunk swap w/led spoiler
    96 legend coupe lip

    XXR 531 16x8 et 20
    Nexen N3000 205/40 tires
    tein basic damper coilovers
    rotor over hub conversion
    brembo drilled and slotted rotors
    rear disk conversion
    slotted rotors

    Future modifications
    Stage 2 of Supercharger Build in Progress
    Complete block build
    Head ReWork
    Water Meth Injection

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    Nics bro. come back strong...
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      nice car man. i cant wait to see that thing with the rims on in the summer. keep up the good work man.

      that sucks to hear about your old cb. that thing was soooo nice. what happened if you dont mind me askin?
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        Nice to see you got another accord.

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          wohhoo..another white frost crew!!!!LOL

          keep it up mangg
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            thanx for the comments.. yeah another frost white, probably, im still debating on color issues, maybe a white with a silver pearl, any suggestions?


              what wheels where on ur black 4dr?


                Originally posted by oneoffaccord
                what wheels where on ur black 4dr?
                enkei evo5, gold, same ones im putting on this cb only im gonna paint them black first. im not to fond of them the color they are on my white cb


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                    small update:
                    painted the hood and front bumper black. painted the 17" enkei's black (they were gold) and put them back on. better pics to come, i took this with my "white chocolate" phone. the picture quality isnt too bad for a phone but its still crappy

                    any comments welcome


                      what happened to ur other cb? you did comeback strong. why did you paiont the hood and front bumper black?


                        what kind of paint did you use on your hood i wanted to do that ?
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                          black rims + black hood = cool...

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                            looks good man, you ever come down to lex? I go to cincy every now and then. Are you on css or csr?
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                              Originally posted by oneoffaccord
                              what happened to ur other cb? you did comeback strong. why did you paiont the hood and front bumper black?
                              wrecked it.. I wanted to do something a little different but I wanted to make sure it looks ok before I spend the money to paint it that way ya know.

                              Originally posted by 1990EX
                              what kind of paint did you use on your hood i wanted to do that ?
                              The paint is called 'Trim Black' I think by duplicolor, get it at pep boys

                              and thanks CB7_ACCORD

                              chessboxer : never been to lex, I was on csr with my old ride, not to much anymore, had a kid, kinda strayed from the whole street racing thing. I still LOVE to get out and crack the vtack on unexpecting victims when I can tho..