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July/August 2015 AOM Nominations

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    July/August 2015 AOM Nominations

    August 2015 AOM Nominations


    As the Accord of the Year for 2014, jdm_inspired, is not eligible for AoM nomination in 2015. Previous 2014 AoM Winners are ineligible as well. The other AoM winners from 2013 and beyond ARE allowed to be nominated. However, as they have already won the competition once, it is not recommended that they are nominated again. Let's get some new CBs recognized!

    Check out the Rules & Regulations - invalid nominations WILL be deleted!
    Please observe the format for nomination displayed here.

    Members must have 50 posts in order to nominate someone.
    Duplicate nominations will be deleted.
    Posts made that are not nominations will be deleted.
    Invalid nominations will be deleted.

    There is no need to second a nomination! If a nomination is valid, it will proceed to the voting stage automatically.

    Please only post ONE picture with your nomination. More pictures can be seen in the Member's Rides thread you link to!

    When nominating, please leave out any FUTURE PLANS sections. If it is not on the car, it should not be considered in the decision.


    I nominate Fleetwoods rescued ruby


    - Original F22A1 engine
    - F22A4 Exhaust manifold
    - F22A6 Exhaust from manifold back

    - EX lip
    - Extensive quarter panel rust repair (, the rest of the body is all original sheet metal.
    - 92-93 door guards
    - 92-93 front license plate bracket

    - EX front seats
    - Custom (vinyl painted) leather door panel inserts
    - Custom recovered rear deck
    - CB9 trunk compartment

    - EX front and rear sway bars
    - 92-93 EX 12 spoke alloy wheels

    - 1991 OEM 6 disk C/D changer
    - Compact CB radio mounted in console, all controls on plug in mic, K40 antenna mount in trunk lid
    Educating each other one car at a time.