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Renz0 is cool... so far.
Started dismantling it.

In the process of dismantling, I found a gloryhole. Hehehee. Not really. Full of rust and rotten metal. Argh, I was on the edge to give up. I did NOT.

Car was sent to a local welder. Hopefully he can fix what is really broken.

While it was gone, I was working on some minor stuff around the car. Fogs - extremely hard to find in EU - and I f*cked up on the left one - the hole's too big on the bottom. Some fiberglass will have to fix it.
And a grill. Not a 100%, but for the first time it ain't bad. I'm looking for G-Square at the moment, so this one for the moment will do. It's not even polished, or nothing.

So yeah, that's it for now, hopefully this thread will get updated more frequently with new stuff and I'd like to see your feedback too!
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