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Originally Posted by aventari View Post
I have the Raybestos ST42 pads on Akebono calipers and they are incredible. THey've lasted a few races and never gave us problems. Pricey though

Also used the ebay Civic upper control arms and got 3.5 degrees of negative camber which worked great. One thing I did is weld the balljoints to the arms once they were adjusted because the bolts holding them are really shitty.
I wouldn't trust them on track.

Do you have any pictures of your arms?
What kind of shocks? I'm running Bilstein HDs and H&R race springs, which is a great combo.

Jay gave us some shit, but still put us in class B with no penatly laps
We've been working the theme lately but saturday I set the camber. I've got both sides to match -3deg. Instead of welding them, tomorrow I'm taking them out and I'm going to make a brace that fits inside the top of the control arm to hold them in place.

We got koni orange shocks. They are on sale this summer and are cheaper even than most of the pure stock replacement shocks. The Bilsteins weren't in our budget. Not in the official budget or the real one.

I keep forgetting to get a picture of the UCAs. But they are these: &fits=Year%3A1988|Model%3ACivic&hash=item418e1b7d9 4&vxp=mtr
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