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Originally Posted by ukemike View Post
Do not buy these:

They are garbage. They will not hold their setting under even the most trivial load (like driving around the paddock at less than 15mpg). After much struggle I decided to fill the voids inside the units with JB Weld so they can't move. I hope it works. Who is the patron saint of JB Weld? I need to make an offering.
Okay the JB weld held all weekend. It makes sense since the loads were compressive and JB weld has a 14,000psi compression strength.

Our car kept going all weekend. The semi-race brake pads we started (that came with the car) with lasted until early Saturday afternoon, after that all we could get were the standard pads from NAPA autoparts. They'd last for 2-3 hours tops. So we got really good at swapping pads hot. The brake thing wasted 2-3 hours of race time over the weekend and we finished in 112 place out of about 177. This may not sound impressive but we FINNISHED. That's huge. I am ecstatic. It was sooooo much fun. On Sunday late morning with new pads I put together a string of hot laps, and my fastest was just a bit more than a second over our fastest driver (lots of racing experience). At one point I held off the eventual winner (BMW E30 and well sorted out) for more than half a lap just by being fast enough. Our tires were brilliant but it handled like a boat. We need new bushings everywhere and shocks, and brake improvements in a big way. I'd say that most of the teams had cheater mods and were well sorted. One of our team-mate drivers loved it so much he wants to spend his money improving the car. That's great because I spent as much as I could and I can't spend more, so it looks like we get to keep going!!!
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