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Originally Posted by CyborgGT View Post
I'm not seeing any urethane stiffness ratings at that link? I'm wanting to go softer on my ESP mounts, and match HASport's 62A "street" stiffness. I'll probably end up contacting ESP, but still, it would be cool to be able to get replacements that easily for any other bushings on the car I might want to swap out.
Me either, they have an email and phone number, im guessing theyre 70A.
The example link was the only one I could remember off the top of my head where you can purchase based off of dimensions vs application, however if you really dug you can get what you needed from 4x4 suspension fabrication sites, there was a really good one I found long ago but my brain drew a blank to even find them again.
For something softer than 70a you might want to venture back into rubber bush territory, their claimed "62A" sounds a little hyped up and is just a bit over what a hard rubber bushes durometer rating is. (you know looking cool vs function of having poly opposed to rubber..dunno)
Luckily these days almost anything can be found online with enough time, Id bet youd be pretty surprised to find that ESP just buys some generic bulk bushes and theyre nothing exotic and they remain kind of hush hush about their "trade secrets". I inquired flat out about pricing on some new heim joints for my traction bars, as one inboard one has developed some slop and clicks when I drive and was met with emailing etc etc, I can find the exact spec'd and probably better made ones on 4x4 fab sites.


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