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ukemike is cool... so far.
Talking Two videos

My Saturday morning fast lap 2:16.4.

My Sunday fast lap 2:15.5.

The battery died on Saturday afternoon before my overall fast lap. It's pretty hard to swap drivers and also pay attention to fiddling with the gopro. Since Tedd drove right after me I failed to get any video of him at all. He's our ringer. He had a dozen laps as fast as my fastest and posted a 2:11! He'll he had a 2:12 at the end when we basically had no brakes left. I really wish I had video of him so I could see how he does it.

On my channel there is also a 20 minute video of one of my Saturday drives. I may post a blooper reel, but I've only found me flat spotting the tires running off in the bus stop. We actually ran a very clean race with only one bit of contact all weekend.
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