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Originally Posted by kouzie View Post
gonna get rid of the tow? lol
Haha! Yes i definitively am! Just haven't got around to do it yet, its one of those "Fuck this shit" things, im sure you know what im talking about.

Originally Posted by Restless View Post
Looks like you're headed in the right direction man. Keep it up and I'm sure you'll hit your goals sooner than you'd expect especially once you throw in your new cams. Also, good numbers in my opinion for having a F22 with a few bolt ons.
Well, to be honest, the EUDM version puts out 125whp stock / 150hp at the crank, and when i dynoed it, i had the H22A TB and Plenum mod, with DC Headers and downpipe + 3" Induction, but stock exhaust! Only after the dyno i received the new Spec-D exhaust, so current setup is:

3" Generic ebay induction kit (I got screwed over by a company, i though i bought a TenzoR kit, but well).
H22A Plenum and Throttlebody.
DC Sports 4-2-1 Header.
H22A Catalytic Converter.
Spec-D 2.5" Exhaust.

Funny thing, after i installed the new exhaust system, it pulls way harder than before, i think the stock exhaust system choked the gains of the bolt-ons if any.

I track and traced the valvemaster tool that i ordered so i can get my head done for the new cam, its gonna arrive soon so i can get started breaking in the cam, then im gonna have it dyno tuned, i can wait for the results!!!! I'm really hoping for 175whp, but lets see what happens.

Next year plans are, Port'n'Polish, 2.5" Collector mod(I may do it before dyno tune, but its not so important right now) Arias 11.5:1 Pistons and rods, H2F adapter and a XSPower intake i have laying around. Its a Skunk2 replica, got it for $70 i don't plan on keeping it, but i'd think the community would appreciate a comparison.
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