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93 Accord LX F22A1

Hello everyone. My name is A.J. and I am 27 years young haha. I have always loved Hondas ever since the V6 240hp one I got to drive daily. That car is gone but I now have 2 more Hondas. Here is my project car. Please tell me where I can change and improve as I realize my youth and youtube videos are only the beginning if what you guys know. Thanks in advance.

1993 Honda accord LX Sedan
Motor: F22A1 automatic

New Parts:
-PCV valve $4
-Denso Radiator/fans/cap $65
-Brake pads $20
-NGK Iridium spark plugs $25
-NGK spark plug cables $35
-AEM high volume fuel rail $112
-Spectra premium fuel pump $25
-Fuel filter $20
-Cold air short ram intake $35
-4-2-1 stainless steel exhaust manifold $60
-Valve cover gasket $20
-50A ignition fuse $5
-Battery ground cable $8
-Re-soldered main relay contact points (free)
-Machined head (cleaned, surfaced) $125
-Cleaned block and piston heads (free)
-Head gasket replacement (free)
-Denso O2 sensor $60

Need to install: (already purchased)
-JDM fuel pressure regulator
-550cc injectors (after turbo)

-Wheel cover $15
-Floor mats $20
-Bluetooth/usb CD player $40
-Sony speakers in 4 doors, and 2 rear $100
-Metalic Blue valve stem caps $5
-Gold valve cover and dizzy paint $10
-stickers (AEM, EBay, NGK) $10

To Do:
-New front tires
-Re-tint windows
-Install FPR
-Cut old bolts off old exhaust
-Install old exhaust
-Put power steering pump back xD

Parts to buy:
Hondata $200 to $500
F22A6 camshaft $25
F22A6 ECU $ $25
H23A1 intake manifold $45
F22A6 IAN "black box" $10
Ebay Turbo kit $640? xD
Rods $200
Pistons $300

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Don't bother with the following items

-AEM high volume fuel rail $112 - OEM rail will flow more than enough, even to feed 550cc injectors.

-Spectra premium fuel pump $25 - If the one you have works keep it, However, if you are dropping the tank anyway, I would go for a 255lph FP upgrade for your turbo setup.

- 4-2-1 stainless manifold - If you are going boost don't waste your money on an N/A header, Save your money and get your turbo parts in order.

-F22A6 ECU $ $25 - don't need this if you are buying Hondata, you will need an OBDI P06 ECU that can be chipped for Hondata.

With the new rods and pistons you might want to look at all new bearings for the bottom end.
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Welcome to the forum! Most people on this forum aren’t as old as you think. Though we do have some geezers. Well I am happy to see rods and pistons are on your list for your turbo build yet if your going to go through the effort of making a decent turbo build. You should steer clear of eBay turbo kit. Also an s300 Ecu will run you around 700 new. Plus on your parts list you need to add a tune which can run between 300-700. Post up more pictures
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Also, look around for a good tuner in your area. Not all will be well versed in Honda tuning, and you’ll want someone that is familiar with both turbo Hondas and Hondata. A tuner that has never worked with Hondata will need to spend time figuring it out... and you’ll be paying for that time!

If you plan on tuning it yourself, I suggest getting all the equipment ready right now. Hook it up, and learn how to tune on the stock F22A. It’s pretty hard to blow up a fairly robust, low-compression engine like the F22A. Add turbo, and you’re one oopsie away from having a really expensive paperweight.

Honestly, it wouldn’t hurt to learn it yourself even if you don’t plan on doing the work. If you understand even the basics, you’ll be able to tell if your chosen tuner is any good.

Whatever you do, don’t cut corners on tuning. The best-built engine can blow up rather quickly because a tuner let it run too lean. Set aside a healthy chunk of cash to have that done right.

Also, good job on planning for upgraded internals. Most people come here saying “I hurd dat da F pistons is gud for 12psi”. Then they blow their ring lands, scrap their Accord, buy a Mustang, and join the “Honda sucks” crowd.
I do agree with Nick on the eBay turbo. I believe Treadstone still makes kits for the F22A (I haven’t checked recently, but they were offering them a year or so ago at least...) MUCH higher quality, and the price isn’t obscene.
Just remember, if things don’t work properly, or worse, something fails catastrophically, your money is wasted. A $3000 turbo engine that works is much better than a $1500 paperweight.

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