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EXT: Entire CD5 Rear Lip Installation Fully Covered *56K DIE!*

Looking to get a rear lip for your car, but not sure what? Here's a DIY that you can do to give your car's rear end a more aggressive look, but yet still remains clean and OEM looking.

In this DIY, we will be getting a 5th Gen Accord Rear Lip from the years 94-95 to fit onto our bumpers and mount up with OEM hardware (cleaner install than self-tapping screws all over). The bumper the lip will be mounted onto in this DIY is 92-93. I am positive this lip will work for all Accords, 90-93, to settle any concerns with it only working on 90-91s.

Special thanks goes out the Ronald Type_R, whose picture I came across way back when I first got into CB7s and I was looking for a rear lip. His accord showed me that this project could be done.

Special thanks especially goes out to Darkcloud, who was the one I communicated with about problems that we might've encountered when installing the lip. His DIY gave me motivation as well as key ideas needed to perform this DIY confidently.

You can view Darkcloud's DIY by following this link:

*NOTE: If using a dremel (which I did) to cut/trim the rear lip, remember to wear some sort of eye protection. Hot plastic in your eyes is not fun (figured that out when a speck hit my face and i was like "gahhh FFUUU---!!!" and I promptly slapped on some sunglasses, haha. yes, it impairs my vision, but it's all that I had available ). Also, eye protection will also help when you're under your bumper and stuff starts fallin', like dirt and rocks. Yeah, rocks. I found hella rocks lodged in my bumper.

Tools Needed

1)sharpie or colored pencil. Preferably colored pencil, because your markings can be erased.
2)Vice Grip Clamp things (you'll see what I mean when the pictures come up). the things that are like super strong clothespins.
~x2 Big ones
~x3 Small ones

*I got these at Home Depot, with all the vice grips. really cheap, like under a dollar each for the big ones, and a couple quarters each for the small ones

1) Small hacksaw
2) Dremel with cutting attachment (the attachment I used was a wheel... and it cut about the thickness of a pencil) you probably know more about dremels than I do. I just know they cut, haha
3) File, to smooth edges

*NOTE: The methods I used for drilling and reaming are probably not what you're expecting, haha but because I was under my bumper by myself, I was not gonna let ANY power tool be near me or my head while installing this lip *
1)Self-Tapping Screw, for drilling a pilot hole
2)Scissor, for widening and reaming the hole (I had half a scissor, because it broke during one of my other projects earlier that month, haha! I prefer using half a scissor, easier to manage, but it's on YOU if you wanna break one or not ;D)
3)OEM Mounting Hardware, the stuff you use to mount lips and things. 10mm bolts, the mounting clips, the works.
*NOTE: Longer bolts are a must. I ran out of long bolts by the time I reached the passenger side, and I was unable to mount the lip until I got more. You will ESPECIALLY need longer bolts on Hole #12, which is the bitchiest last mounting point you will need to do.

I got this bolt variety pack from AutoZone, for "Asian Vehicles" lol

and in it contains a variety of bolts. pull out the bolt that fits the mounting clips, and use washers as well(i stacked my washers, small one by the head and a bigger one wherever it was sitting with the bumper/lip)

You're gonna need one nut for hole #12 as well. This is included in that variety pack.

Parts Needed
1) All three parts of the 94-95 Honda Accord Rear Lip. Three piece lip, make sure you get all pieces for a complete look. And take all the mounting hardware too while you're at it. In fact, scope around the junkyard and pull a bunch of those mounting clips and bolts for the hell of it! GO NUTS BUDDY!


General overview of where the holes will be made for mounting the lip

Cutting the driver-side and passenger-side rear lips

Step 1) Flex one of the side lips. Note where it bends up the highest, then make note of that point. hack a straight line down that point.

Step 2) Now that you have one marked and cut, you're gonna want to make sure the other side is cut in the same spot. There are probably other ways to go about this, more professional ways, but I'm doing this with things that are laying around in my garage, haha! They work though!

Lay a piece of cardboard (or cardboard box) on an inclined surface (the handle of a lawnmower), then position both lips mirroring each other. The inside corner of the lips should sit at the edge of the cardboard, and kinda "hook" onto it. Line up the "cut" with the edge of the cardboard box and trace it back to the other side. mark it, and cut the other lip.

Step 3) Now that both your lips have been slotted, it's time to widen that slot enough so that it has enough room to flex to the angle of the bumper, but not take off excess material. you still want to maintain as solid of a lip as possible. Take a dremel/razor and gut it until it's about this wide of a gap. Taper the inside end of the lip so that it can bend in, kinda like how the corner of a picture frame looks.

*TAKE NOTE OF HOW FAR I SLOTTED IT TO THE END OF THE CORNER. I just gutted enough for it to bend without cutting up side of the lip, notice how, from a top-down perspective, theres still some thickness at the outside corner? you want that, because if you cut that, its gonna look bad. just be careful of what you cut and be sure to cut only enough.*

Mounting Driver Side Lip (Setting up the vice grips, making holes, bolting your lip in)

Step 4) I hope you have your mudflaps on. The CD5 lip isn't long enough to cover the whole side of the bumper, so a mudflap is required to fill in the space it leaves (see darkcloud's DIY for images). With this knowledge in mind, I recommend lining up the lip FLUSH with the mudflap. So let's do just that: Line up your driver side lip with your mudflap.

Step 5) Now that you have an image of what it should look like mounted up flush to your mudflaps and flush with the side of the bumper, we're gonna vice grip it up to your bumper so that you can make the appropriate mounting holes. MAKING SURE ALL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ARE EXERCISED, cuz i told you earlier i'm not responsible if something bad happens when you're under your car (you know... E-Brake at least! you can get those wheel stoppers too), get your vice grips and clip your bumper and lip together. NOTE where i used the big clips. That's where I found they were most effective.

Step 6) Come back from underneath your car, inspect/admire your mounted lip, and adjust it as necessary to be where you want it to be, sitting flush with the bumper and such. Be very anal about this, you want a perfect, OEM-quality install.

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Step 7) Okay, good. Now get back under the car, this time armed with your trusty COLORED PENCIL/OTHER WRITING TOOL and mark where the OEM mounting holes are and where they line up with your bumper!


Step 7.25)


Step 7.50)

HOLE #3 IS TRICKY, because its at the corner, but its position is affected by the bending of the lip...

so come back outside, line up the lip with your bumper like so...

*NOTE how your bumper curves up a little bit, like it's not really flat...? so do the next best thing, and line it up like the image above (on the flat portion of the bumper, as close as possible to the edge where it upturns).

You'll feel it, when you test-fit it, you'll feel how it just sits/ines up THERE perfectly. That's how its gonna sit, and it's actually pretty stylish.

...and now that you have an idea of how it is gonna sit with your bumper, come back outside, stick your pencil through the hole, flex/bend your lip to where its gonna be, and start marking where the hole's gonna be with your pencil.

Step 7.75)

Hole #4 IS ALSO TRICKY. So, you know where your lip is gonna sit, so this is what you do:

Flex your lip, and mark where the END of the lip is on your bumper.

BEFORE WE GO ON TO THE NEXT PART OF THIS PART OF STEP 7, I'd like to take a minute to address a potential problem you might have, depending on the condition of your lip... the lip that I got DID NOT HAVE A HOLE. Shit got ripped out by something somehow, (I didn't do it, I swear!) so I ghetto-rigged a hole. How did I do this? I slotted either end of the hole (which was actually a U), and zip-tied it to create my own hole, haha

Alright, with that in place, put on one of your OEM mounting hardware clip things there,

and mark where the clip is...

Remove the clip, line up the clip with the line you just made in the position it will be mounted in, and then get your COLORED PENCIL/WRITING TOOL and mark where the hole is.

Step 8) Cool! You marked all your driver side lip mounting holes! Now it's time to drill your holes. For this step I used a self-tapping screw and a scissor to ream the hole, because I don't like using power tools above my head haha. Go ahead and use the self-tapping screw to drill a pilot hole...

then back out the screw and use the scissor to ream the hole, open it up, make it a smoooooth hole, wide enough for the mounting bolts to fit. Note that on the OEM mounting bolts, there's a threaded part, and a much larger-in-diameter non-threaded part. make sure the hole is big enough to fit the non-threaded part.

This is what the hole should look like when you're done

Step 9) With all your mounting holes made, attach all the mounting clips onto your lip, and bolt up your driver side lip!

HOLES #1 and #2 are easy to mount, then bolt #3. #3 is gonna require you to reach your hand into the bumper and drop the bolt in and hold it while you flex the lip over to the bolt and screw it in.

With #1, #2, and #3 bolted, the lip should hold the form enough for you to now bolt up #4.

And you are now done with mounting the driver side lip!

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Mounting Middle Lip (outlining/tracing the middle lip onto your bumper, mounting holes, bolting it up)

Step 10) You'll notice that the middle lip hooks into the driver side lip. Hook it in, and make it sit flush with the driver side lip, and then mark (in general) where to cut the middle lip so that the muffler doesn't interfere with the mounting process. Now that it is marked, hack it off.

Step 11) Now that the muffler can't interfere, test-fit the middle lip as it would sit, and then mark where the bumper ends onto the lip. You will be cutting this portion off as well, so that it is flush with that part of the bumper. After it is cut off, file it so that it is smooth.

Step 12) Hook up the middle lip and line it up how it will sit, and trace/outline the lip and the holes onto your bumper.

Step 13) Drill the holes, and mount your middle lip!


Okay, so you're gonna have to cut a bunch of material off the passenger side lip to get it to fit, because the muffler is in the way of the flexing process.

Step 14) Cut about this much material off the end of the passenger side lip. This will give you enough clearance so that you can flex and bend your lip as needed for fitting purposes without the muffler interfering.

Step 15) Now we're gonna mount up a part of the passenger side lip, so that we can get it in place to make the markings for HOLE #11. so...

- Line up your lip flush with your mudflap
- Vice grip your lip to the bumper
- Mark where the mounting holes are
- Drill and ream the mounting holes (#9-10) and bolt up your lip

Step 16) With the lip in place, bend the lip to its mounting position (lined up with the flat portion of the bumper before it upturns) and mark where HOLE #11 is. While you're at it, take the time to mark where the lip lines up with the bumper. Remove the lip, and cut/file this portion off.

Step 17) Now that HOLE #11 is marked, drill and ream it.

Step 18) Grab your passenger side lip... did you notice that when you cut it, you also had to cut the OEM mounting hole!? FFFUUU---!!! And this is why HOLE #12 wins it for most annoying hole ever. Because not only do you have to make a new mounting hole on the lip, you have to make sure its got enough material on all sides of the hole (all sides of the circle, yes ), and it's a pain to mount, and you'll soon find out why. One hyphenated word: No-Space.

- Mark a new mounting hole onto the lip. Use the mounting clip to get the right diameter for the hole.

^The right hole, the one where the pencil is marking, is the hole i used. the first hole wasn't correct.

- Now drill and ream the hole, taking care not to take off too much material. the more you take off, the less reliable it becomes.

Step 19) Mount up HOLE #9-#11 now, and bend your lip to its final mounting position, and mark where your NEW MOUNTING HOLE lines up on your bumper. BE SPOT ON FOR THIS ONE, because it's a pain to make adjustments later on. And if you later find that you DO need to make adjustments, cut the bumper mounting hole, not the lip. you have more material to play around with on the bumper, not so much on the lip.

Step 20) Remove your lip again, and now drill and ream HOLE #12. Now, GET A LONG BOLT FROM YOUR AUTOZONE/KRAGEN/WHATEVER VARIETY BOLTS AND NUTS PACK and, with washers, drop/nudge a bolt into HOLE #12. you might get a cramp. get comfortable, this is gonna take a few tries.

^no washers in that pic, haha sorry. but yes, i did use washers. two, actually, one small one near the head of the bolt and a bigger one around where it will sit on the bumper/lip.

Step 21) Now that you've dropped the bolt in the hole, grab the lip, and grab the bolt, and feed/guide the bolt through the NEW MOUNTING HOLE you made. Once it's in, reach around and PULL the bolt through the hole, while having one hand hold the lip in place.

Step 22) This is where it gets tricky if you're by yourself. If you have another person for you on this step it would be much easier. Get that lip to sit still for you while you put on the nut and washers to finally complete the installation of this side of the lip.


- Prop the lip. I used the package the bolts came in haha


- Have that person hold up the lip for you

This is where you have to fiddle around a bit, because by now your hands are probably tired, and now you're trying to get them in the right position to fit into that cramped ass space and put on a tiny part. However you can, get your nuts and washers onto the bolt, and hand tighten for now.


Step 23) Go back through and inspect your installation and inspect your bolts and tighten them down with a wrench.

Step 24) Get out from underneath your car, and stand back and admire your NEW CD5 REAR LIP!!! THROW A PARTY AND CELEBRATE!!!

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You're quite the DIY man!
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Here are some pics of it in the daytime. I plan on painting the lip and the bottom part of the bumper white to make it look more aggressive and give the body a fuller appearance. Painting my CD5 side skirts as well which i haven't installed yet, and my CD5 lip and xenon mild lip. which lip am i gonna put on? I don't know haha, probably the xenon mild if it's not too low with my future eibach sportline drop! i hate speed bumps!


Hope you all enjoy this DIY and consider taking on this really fun project!
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Originally Posted by vietkid_2006 View Post
You're quite the DIY man!
hahaha thanks man, i appreciate the compliment!
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hahaha thanks Zack, appreciate it! Man that took me forever to write it all up. I accidentally did some keyboard command that made me go back, and it cleared all the stuff I was editing and I had to redo it again haha!
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Darkcloud is cool... so far.

Job well done and better explained.
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Now you need the CD5 front lip
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This looks like a lip on top of another lip, you really like it??
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Originally Posted by P5ylance View Post

All of the sudden it looks very Legend coupe-ish. Just at the back.... it must be because the Legend has a heavier looking rear end.

Props on the DIY though.....wow.

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@Darkcloud: i was about to message you last night to let you know it was finished but i was tired like les schwab and knocked the hell out thanks for checkin' it out!

@CB7_91/DX: full CD5 lip kit woot woot! I finally gave in and went to the junkyard to go get me a cd5 front lip to see what all the fuss was about, and then i compared it to the oem EX lip and i was surprised and glad at how much thicker it was! CD5 skirts will be mounted soon, when i have more time after midterms, or probably may time. planning on lining up the oem mounting holes from the front bumper to my xenon lip so it can bolt up OEM style, *but then imma add different bolt sizes and some self tapping screws to keep people from messing with it* haha! CD5 will probably be my main choice though if i discover that a sportline drop is too low for speedbumps with the xenon or legend lip.

@CBAccordA4: yep, i sure do! I can see the lip on a lip thing, after a while it starts to blend in and once you get used to it, you can't go back, or at least, i can't imagine it without it anymore. With what it is (it's quite a subtle, slim rear lip compared to other lips out there) it actually makes the backend much more beefier and brings to car down quite well, and i don't even have a drop yet, i'm still running stock height. I used to always look at the car and think "man, the ass is hella high on these cars..." so i did this, cuz it was within my budget and i wanted something that still looked stock, but a more aggressive stock.



You really do have to see this mod in person/do it to yours to get the feel for it, because when i look at my car, the back is just so much more fuller. it fills that void underneath the bumper like, no joke. imagine a single patty hamburger with some lettuce, then imagine a DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER WITH LETTUCE AND TOMATOES AND PICKLES. now imagine yourself holding onto the single patty in one hand, and the double cheeseburger in the other hand... the double cheeseburger is much thicker ;D then again, i have the OEM spoiler, but still! it's a nice addition.

However, my plan to remedy the "lip on a lip" is that when i repaint my car sometime, I'm going to paint the bottom black trim of the bumper white and the rear lip white as well. That way, you'll be able to see that there is a lip there, it will blend in better with the bumper, and it fills up the void even more. and as an added benefit, you'll be able to notice the valances of the lip more (how its high in the middle then drops down a little more on the sides), demonstrating that aggressive back end. I've seen CD5 accords with their rear lip painted and i absolutely love it haha! but until my paintjob, i'm rolling like this

@led_fut: thanks, yeah i noticed that with the legend coupes, they all look so much more beefier *drool*, as if the legends were yolked up versions of our accords haha soon i plan on getting that cd5 lip on at least within the month, so i can balance the front and back. i'm pretty damn excited, my car is looking lower and lower and i haven't done anything with the suspension! i might just keep it stock height!
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crazymikey is very helpful crazymikey is very helpful
EXCELLENT write up and the lip looks fantastic. I should definetly do this. It would match my SE/EX lip combo I have on the front.
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Originally Posted by crazymikey View Post
EXCELLENT write up and the lip looks fantastic. I should definetly do this. It would match my SE/EX lip combo I have on the front.
haha go for it man! and I can definitely see it matching, your doublestacked lip looks pretty good and glossy in your sig! how did that work out, attaching the lips together? i have a 90-91 EX lip in my garage as well

it's pretty straightforward, you just need to have quite a bit of time to do it, it took me 5-6 hours to get everything all figured out and done. but the results are well worth it, IMO.
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body filler

sand upper lip a bit

make it flush

paint it

then you have a great lip

but looks sick i love it

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Props for an awesome diy! very informative, I must say.
Car looks good!

You see models at every car show.
But have you ever seen a model that actually takes the car she built to a show?

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Nice DIY man, I am going to attempt this later on and this will help a lot

Originally Posted by visualpoet View Post
some owners think it's the best thing since titties
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You can bondo fill the gap line , sand and paint. It will look like factory.

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awesome write up man good job!
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cd5 , diy , install , lip , rear

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