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I would kill somebody...

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    I would kill somebody...

    if they pulled this stunt on me.

    watch the video, too.

    wow Agreed i would.......whooo....i could not begin to tell the damage i would cause. Legal and illegal.
    Originally posted by Makaveli2k
    Be a man. Grab on the crank pulley with one hand, hold some chloroform over the air filter and "Shush it to death".
    Originally posted by Accrdkid
    Hey did you earn your Red Wings? Red Wings being you muffed dived that coochie and tasted copper and got the red mustache.

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      Nails on the chalkboard, that sucks.
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        I'd be pissed.

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          pissed man i'm pissed them right n0w


            just watching them do that to some one else car make so fucking mad if that was my car there would be dead people at the towing company, there would be no words that would explain my extreme anger.

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              I'd start popping some heads


                Hopefully the media coverage and police reports will embarrass the city enough to realize their incompetence. At least far enough to give some sort of compensation back to the owner. Ridiculous; but, i'd expect no less from DC. Baltimore is worse.

                The tow truck operator should've been aware of the consequences. What an airhead.
                My pictures/photos will return soon...


                  They should be liable for damaging the road too.
                  Tow truck drivers/companies often think they can get away with it.

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                    Damn, that's vicious.

                    I'd already be foaming at the mouth if that happened to my 2,000 dollar accord.
                    But to an s-line a4?? I'd be in tears too.


                      what kind of dumb ass tow truck driver is that? holy'd think he would have some respect for someone's vehicle.

                      oh pretty sure the owners will be getting a new car.

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                        Originally posted by lokuputha View Post
                        what kind of dumb ass tow truck driver is that?
                        well...i mean....he IS a tow truck driver..

                        usually...towtruck drivers aren't very smart...

                        that's why they're towtruck drivers...



                          wow....I'm speechless
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                            those people are total assholes along with the city !!

                            if the wheel/tires were stolen off of ANY of my cars I would first report it to the police AND THEN immediately get a replacement set to move the car from its location. even if i had to order replacements from the dealership I would get a set of steelies just to move it!

                            i don't blame the neighbor for calling the police about it possibly being a stolen car but the police should have gone over to the owners house to ask them to somehow move the car without damaging it.

                            i drive tow trucks on the weekends part-time and i would know to put a dolly under the car to minimize damage to the undercarriage. that guy was the third asshole in this story


                              this shit makes me RAGE

                              on the stairs, she grabs my arm, says whats up,
                              where you been, is something wrong?
                              i try to just smile, and say everything’s fine.