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Subie Owner stops Criminals

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    Subie Owner stops Criminals

    Over on the Nasioc forums a member named Koji is making national news with his little story of how he stopped some criminals from robbing his house.

    So I had an interesting afternoon today. While I was in the basement today working on completing my latest WRX project two dumb asses broke into my house.

    I didn't know that I was being robbed at first - I heard a knock and something loud and walked up the basement stairs to see what was going on. At that point I then heard someone on the main level unhooking my living room TV vigorously and could see a pair of jeans I didn't recognize through the crack in the door.

    "Those aren't my house keepers" I thought. I started dialing 911 while walking down the stairs to the basement and ran out the back door. I snuck around to my front door and saw the "get-away" vehicle: a Ford Windstar minivan.

    I gave the 911 dispatcher the license plate and then stated out loud "there's exhaust coming out of the car - this thing is still on". I ran up and looked at the van. There was nobody inside. The drivers door was unlocked.

    To the 911 dispatcher: "Hey - the drivers door is unlocked. I'm not letting these effers get away with this."

    I stole their car.

    I drove it a few blocks away up the steepest hill in my neighborhood while talking to the dispatcher. A neighbor saw the commotion - apparently these guys had stacked all my TV's, my wife's jewelry, my DVD players, Wii, and XBOX360 at the front of my house, walked out, and saw they had no car and started booking.

    One of the "suspects" was picked up shortly there after. The other one the police say they "know who he is" and they're pursuing him.

    Thank you for breaking into my house and leaving your car running with the keys in you stupid degenerate retarts. May you spend the rest of your days in a federal pound me in the ass prison.

    In retrospect stealing the car was pretty damn stupid if they would have caught me. However since I got away with it the cops thought I was the biggest G on the planet. I got more than a few high-fives from the police that responded and a lot of "you just made my week/month/year".

    I'm glad I was the only one home.

    Take that assbags. The good guys won this time.

    He was supposedly on GMA yesterday morning but I didn't catch...

    Here's the 911 call:

    i would have popped the hood and yanked on the fusebox. no fuse box = no start.

    Then after they loaded everything up it would have been over with.
    Cool story though.


      i would have pumped their dumbasses full of rocksalt with my 20 gague


        this is why i am buying a gun


          Originally posted by scudweiser View Post
          i would have pumped their dumbasses full of rocksalt with my 20 gague
          You would have gone to jail most likely.

          Invest in a tazer. And mace. And maybe another tazer.
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            That's awesome Reminds me of the show, "It takes a Thief."


              he laughed LOL

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                Originally posted by Granite CB7 View Post
                That's awesome Reminds me of the show, "It takes a Thief."
                i love watching that.

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                  Very cool, twisted ending, but nice.
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