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    Old member back to say hi

    So since I left I bought a house, remodeled it, got married, bought a brand new scion xb (my first new car ever), paid off my wifes 05 corolla, got my 84 yz250 running again, also have 2 10 month old german shepard puppies. Its been a busy year. Heres a couple pics of my new house and car.

    Hope your all doing well!

    Sizzling Crimson Mica xB 2.4L 4banger

    New stereo and remote start alarm are all ive done.

    Mi casa

    My 2 new pups Sulley and Dom rockin sum shades

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    damn, you been had doing work son!
    I <3 G60.

    0.5mm Oversized Stainless valves and bronze guides available. Pm me please.


      good for you man


        whats up andrew


          damn, good shit
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            Congrats on the come up I take it your not at Best Buy anymore

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              Nice man! Glad to see you're doing well for yourself!

              The xB is one of the few non-Lexus Toyota products I genuinely like these days. Not a bad choice!


                congrats to you, got a pretty nice spread there


                  Come a long way in a short time, congrats!

                  Originally posted by Maple50175
                  Oh here we go again. Maples other half.


                    Awesome. Congrats man.

                    SuFi ftw too. \.||.

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                    Originally posted by Jarrett
                    Is there a goal you're trying to accomplish besides looking dope as hell?


                      Sounds like somebody discovered the American dream that not alot of people get to live. Way to go mang! Now get a CB in that garage!


                        sup drew, long time no hear. Looks like you're doing good too. Man you look soo grown up now!


                          Man i wondered what had happened to you, glad to hear things are going well

                          So any plans for the Xb?

                          My Cb bad, Cb bright and the cops can kiss my Cb lights - Iím gone!
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                            So I'm bored at work and remembered I posted this here. Thought id say whats up again to you guys.

                            @4cycle ya im unfourtunately still at bby. job markets thin and no one can match the pay with the benefits ive got. im tryin to get into somethin right now tho that should pay bank.

                            @jed - i dont think i look that old yet do i? lol hows this for grown up..

                            sidenote on this pic.. a girl in costco saw me and goes look mom! its a punk!
                            and my new leg piece incase anyone wonders what that is on my leg..

                            9hrs, 3 sessions

                            @iced - nothin too crazy. i just threw in a grillcraft grill, debadged the xb and blacked out the scion logo and 5k hids. i always wanted to do hids on the cb but never did. I wanna do a TRD CAI, blackhouse the headlights, 18" rims, lower about an inch or so, window tint and then beef up the sound system. if i do get a older car again i prolly wont get a cb, i want either a old truck or a rwd car, most likely a 240 or something like that to tinker on since i have a 3 car garage and nothing for my 3rd side except my bike.

                            i probably wont be doin much on it for a long while since im broke and paying off all the stuff ive done to my house this year.

                            Dont you love my license plate lol easiest ever!

                            Its soooo stock! It makes me mod hungry

                            theres one with the honda and my bike.. i sold it to a coworkers friend so its not long gone.

                            if any of you wanna keep up on facebook or whatever im on there since i rarely come onto the forum anymore. oh and jed your ludes lookin ill good work

                            oh and i still have the aem cai and the stock hood along with some other crap if anyone wants it i need to get rid of it, ill sell it cheap if i gotta, but whatever i can sell it for i am puttin toward mods on the xb. hit me up on fb if you wanna know what i got. also have an amp and sub to get rid of.

                            later guys!

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                            XBOX LIVE = RedDragonsFool
                            SOLD MY CB JUNE 16, 2009
                            For Sale Thread


                              What up back again after seeing my old CB over by target the other day, did find the new owner is on here she bought it from the kid I sold it to.

                              A little update on me, buying a house in Rosamond,CA sold the other house after a failed attempt to move out of state been staying with the parents. I have a 1yr old daughter now and another due in June

                              Haven't done much to my xB just threw in a new kenwood double din with nav, cold air intake with the trd inlet, 5k hids. Sold off my amp and sub to buy an rc car.

                              Excuse the dirt... I had just gotten back from Washington and this was the first nice day

                              HPI Sprint 2 Sport setup to drift, 2s 5000mah lipo and some other goodies to come

                              My wife daughter and I on her first birthday party. Ive gotten a bit chubby in the face lol... don't worry I am dieting I got this

                              Member Ride Facebook
                              XBOX LIVE = RedDragonsFool
                              SOLD MY CB JUNE 16, 2009
                              For Sale Thread